Friday, January 14, 2011

Mass Animal Deaths

It is 19 degrees here in Marion. the skies are blue and pink but there is no threat or it seems by me that there is no threat of any snow.
Mom is off to work and I will remove some of the window lights today as the wind has died down some for the first time in a while.
I feel good but it takes a little work on my part to keep my mouth and eyes clean because of animal dander in our home but that is part of the maintenance of the mind and body.
I did a little research of what kills human beings more than anything else and it is wars, natural disasters, combustion engines and vehicles (traffic accidents and air pollution). The Tommy Gun below is only part of the equation and can be grouped with war as is terrorism and crooks.

I can assume that a chemical imbalance in our atmosphere kills flying birds. I noticed that we are not getting many birds in our feeders here at home.
I was wondering if our planet belched out at sea a tremendous amount of gas fumes that those poor birds flew through on their migratory routes to Mexico. That I can assume to be true because the sea does not need the gas and the gas is lighter than the sea water and that I can place under combustion engines (volcano's and man) as killers of life on the planet earth.
The chart at left had no clue as to the amount of gas turned loose by our oil spill.

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  1. Sometimes your posts just make me laugh. I'm talking about the cat dander, hahahahaha. Thanks for the morning laugh. Love you.