Friday, January 7, 2011

City - County Taxes

No funding (city taxes) forced big cities to cut city services (fireman doing county maintenance, snow removal crews picking up garbage).
New York City cut their budget and the mayor's neighborhood got cleaned of snow but the outer boroughs are still without city services because of the heavy snow during the Christmas week.
Taxes work but they are expensive.
When you take your worn out shoes to the shoe shop the cobbler repairs your shoes and you pay him for his work. When a city employee repairs a broken water main or remove the snow from your street you pay for the service (either out of pocket or by taxes).
When folks loved the idea of the Bush Tax Cuts they all applauded and smiled, "Whoopee No Taxes!" No taxes means no services, no city grants, no bonds. Wheres the beef?
More snow is expected this week in New York.

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