Monday, January 10, 2011

Near Death

Joanie came to me one day and said, "Tomas, would you like to come to the city with me? I do not feel like going alone." Tomas said, "Okay," and we headed for the highway. We were not looking for a ride, but a car stopped out of curiosity. We hopped in and said that we're going to the city. Swell. When we reached the city, Joanie said, "I have to run some errands. Let's stop at my friends' house and you can wait there." Houses were always exciting. She said her hellos and introduced me to the guys there. She left and and I sat on the floor.
One of the fellows asked if I would like a homemade milkshake, and I said fine. He sat me down in a La-Z-Boy chair. The guys were in the kitchen puttering around. I looked around at all the goodies these guys had. I was still sitting there when one of the fellows came over and asked, "Comfy?" or something like that. He had a milkshake in his hand. He handed it to me.
I tasted it, and it was great. Somebody turned on the TV. I was getting spaced out on this homemade shake. I was looking at the TV when one of the fellows distorted the picture on the tube. He set the TV to a test pattern. I saw a mountain with an antenna on it, zig-zag lines, and colors. It was wavy and so was I. Good shit, I thought to myself. I was lost, I had gone to another planet. I closed my eyes,
not aware that I had done so. I was starting to dream that I was dying. Then I realized that I really was dying. I woke myself, and sat up.
I told them I was going to take a shower, and they said okay. The shower was nice. I was still high but under control.
Later that day Joanie came back and we returned to Morningstar.

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