Monday, January 10, 2011

Helping to heal the physical and psychological wounds of war.

It is about 6AM. Mom is up and it is her day off and she was very happy about that. We expect some snow today but not the amount that is going to fall elsewhere in the area (maybe an inch).
Let us not forget that we must pay the price of war. It will be very costly because our government is cutting services and must cinch their belt. That means that each of us that voted for the war must pay for it the rest of our lives. That is not an easy task.
Mom and I booth feel good but I did have a little dehydration and I think that is what is going around. But I drink enough fluid to sink a ship and I eat enough to power a mule. I always drink 16 ounces of fluid at a time. My cups are always mug size.

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