Monday, January 3, 2011

Out the window I see a red sky this morning. It is 20 degrees outside and a comfortable 71 degrees inside our home this morning and the yard and windows are covered with frost .
This home is very economical. Our first year here it cost us 81 dollars to heat our home for the entire year (1975) and that included gas for cooking and heating water. The price of fuel has gone up but the quality and economics of the home I have maintained.
I did buy a new furnace because the old one died. The new furnace is bigger and it blows up a storm when the fan blows.
Mom is up and we are staying put because mom has a stomach virus ( she said the folks at work were calling in with the virus). I will ask our daughter if they have it now. I expect to get the virus in the next few days, as of now I am fine. Mom is off today and tomorrow and that should be enough time to get over it since it moved quite fast.


  1. Sorry to hear that Laurel is still not feeling well. Since you are in such close proximity to her you will probably come down with the virus too. I hope this is one of those stomach virus' that you only get once and that it doesn't bounced back & forth between you and Laurel and the kids.
    Take care.

    It's a frosty morning here too and the indoor cats are staying close and not wanting to stay out for very long. It was a day for applying Frontline Plus on the cats so they are all mad at us. They would be grateful if they only understood that it was put on them for their own good. They will all be fine by this afternoon except for Jybow who will blink her eyes repeatedly for a couple of days and act sick. I think she's just more sensitive to it than the other cats. Advantage Plus works best on Jybow but I just hate medicating her for ailments that she doesn't have along with treating her for what it's intended.

    Stay well if you possibly can and I hope Laurel starts feeling better soon. Love you.

  2. we have not gotten sick with any viruses and I don't expect us to ......brent had been sick right after christmas, and we never got that.....hope mom is feeling all better by is tuesday....i do have my tree down, but not all the christmas things put always seems to take me a while to find places for things.....we did start school yesterday you