Sunday, January 2, 2011

23 degrees in Marion Kentucky. Our windshields are very frosty and may be hard to scrap.
Mom is off work sick today and she is in bed resting as I speak.
"I feel great" as Tony the Tiger says. Today I drink coffee and that is a pleasant thing for me because of the memories it brings to the forefront of my mind. I was looking at the photographs all of my brothers and sisters posted on FaceBook and memories came flooding back. I find that very pleasant and may/can write about it.
Our tree normally comes down today but we have other plans for the tree this year so I may wait a couple of days.
Our skies are clear and yes I did see the Rose Parade. I have seen quite a few of them because I lived within blocks of the start of the parade. I have roamed the area as a child because it was on my turf (so to speak), my play area , backyard. If you clicked on the link you could see where I was born though the hospital is not there anymore (it was called the Women's Hospital (where the cancer center is located) adjacent to the Huntington Hospital on the map).

Home Address 40 Bellefontaine St. Pasadena California 91105

Nothing is as it was when I lived there. My grandparents owned all the land from 40 Bellefontaine to Allessandro Pl. (that whole parking lot, at that time a rail spur divided the area from Fair Oaks).

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  1. Nice that you are feeling good. It was kind of sad seeing Grandpa's house gone in Pasadena and a parking lot and building in it's place.