Sunday, January 9, 2011

Are fluorescent bulbs really more efficient than normal light bulbs?

8 degrees this morning here at our home. It is still dark outside but we are illuminated by electricity passing through a gas in a contained glace tube. I hear our fan blowing warm air heated by natural gas. I hear a water filter that pumps water from our fish tank through a charcoal filter and back to the tank, as it falls back into the tanks it splashes and bubbles.
Mom bought a Woodpecker block for the birds and and I also made a peanut butter & jelly sandwich and put it out for the birds. Our cats thought it was a nice gesture on my part.
It is light out (the sun) and I see light blue skies and pink clouds in our southern horizon.

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  1. Good Morning Dennis. It's like a deep freeze outside. Just as soon as I stepped out my nostrils began freezing up.

    I personally don't like the small lamp fluorescent light bulbs at all but I do like the long tubes like they use in a garage or work area. I have gotten rid of all those new fluorescent bulbs that we bought for our livingroom lamps...I can't stand them and have replaced them with the old incandescent lights which I and our cats prefer. Our under the house water pipes also love the heat generated by the incandescent bulbs and we will miss them when we no longer can buy them.