Wednesday, January 12, 2011

17 degrees, wind, a slight snow, everything outside is frozen, our water lines are warm and running. Pumps and fans are making their normal sounds as is the sounds of electricity running though our walls (ringing in my ears).
Mom is gone to work and the snow is trying to cover the walk but as it falls the breeze blows it away.
Mom and I both feel good and we slept all day yesterday, just resting and watching TV between our naps (the comfort of age).
The great debate this morning is who is supplying the automatic nuts with automatic guns. It's not me, "It's only business!"
I still see the chubby 13 year old girl on TV ( as well as the basketball star) shooting her automatic gun at the evil doers of society in a video game advertisement. I still see two wrestlers with weed eaters in their caged match advertised, "SUNDAY!, SUNDAY!"
We are just a normal butt cheek society.


  1. I have never shot anyone, and you and I were kids that grew up with imaginary weapons in our hands. We played cowboys and indians, You & David shot real BB guns at us and we all turned out fine. None of us are killers and just because you play a video game doesn't make you a killer.

    What needs to be fixed is the screening process for buying weapons and until that is done unstable people who shouldn't get guns will get them, but there is no full proof way of keeping weapons out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them. And the bad guys will always have guns no matter what kind of screening process there is because they don't go through the normal legal channels.
    And then how about people who buy guns as a gift for other people. The screening process won't let you list their name, so there you have it, they own a weapon and there is no record of it and the gun is legal.