Monday, August 31, 2015


Good Morning,
Our weather has been mild and rainy. It is foggy and that sounds like fall to me as the temperatures drop (warm days and cool nights).
The doctor gave me orders, don't bend over, do not do any lifting, getting into any pool or splashing my eyes. I feel good this morning and I got soap in my both eyes. It was not much but I felt the sting (extremely mild). I will see the doctor in a bit and that will be the end of no splashing in the eyes. I am pretty sure my eyes are healed.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Block and Tackle

Good Morning,
My daughter and her husband removed the steps from my pool; that was a major job that had to be done before the water got too cold in the pool (the pool water temperature was 78 degrees). I want to thank them for the remarkable good work; my wife helped, as she handles the pulley (block and tackle) to lift the steps.
The doctor gave me orders, don't bend over, do not do any lifting, getting into any pool or splashing my eyes. So I needed help and my daughter decided that Saturday would be a good time to help her dad (grandpa) with the pool steps. There is a big thank you there from grandpa.
I was there to tell them what needed to be done and it was done without any problems. The water was not very clean so my daughter had to take a shower after her dip into the pool.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

"Father forgive them for they know not what they do."

Good Morning,
I feel good this morning. I try to have folks think well of themselves as it does the mind good. There is truth to the movie, "The Manchurian Candidate"  and commercials that tell you a person is bad for the country. There are books that deal with good and evil; there is one in particular that deals with old world problems and social problems and it is called the, "Bible". The old world of the bible sacrificed their young. The new world of the bible was extremely social. Both deal with how to treat evil and how to behave.
I live in a world that is much more informative about issues and we plainly see the Ayatollah drum up violence with there tomahawk kill motions.
Well I do something different as I prefer to create a society that lives in peace on the planet. We should treat the planet well by doing our share of good. I believe that we have learned enough (we can teach a child to write with a pencil); we can teach our brain to do good inside our bodies without damaging ourselves. As in a good balance of doing good in our bodies. We can ask our bodies to not hurt us but still fix our problems internally. "Father forgive them for they know not what they do."
Just about everyone I talk to is an unbeliever of doing good to your being (internally and externally).
If Jesus was alive today he would know more than I do about the world around us and maybe he could live a bit longer but I am sure he would be deposed of in about the same time. When I was younger I tried to live like Jesus and I finally decided to live longer so I gave in. It is a difficult road and it is rather hard on the body putting yourself in harms way. It feels great mentally but placing the planet on your shoulders hurts.
I found it best to make the planet around you secure and free of harmful being and harmful products. I found it nice to place society on a pedestal.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Restless Leg Syndrome

Good Morning,
It was very quiet around here yesterday; I did nothing as prescribed and my eyes did improve. My glasses work great and if I take them off I see in the distance but not up close.
I feel good this morning mentally and physically. 
We just got back from lunch and seeing our local doctor; we saw him because the anesthesiologist (cataract surgery) had mentioned that my legs were shaking (restless leg syndrome) during cataract surgery and had given me something for that during surgery. Our local doctor prescribe a lab test and a mild prescription to help my legs (restless leg syndrome); we will see what happens next.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Good Morning,
I feel good but I am not doing any work. We both took the day off yesterday but I see by the note I got mom did some research on my dad and mom.
I started to do a chore (take out the trash) when I realized I am not supposed to lift over 10 pounds or bend over. What a bummer. Empty dishwasher is a bend over chore as is doing my laundry. 
I started to wipe my eye and before I did, I realized, NOPE!" 
When you rest your body heals and gets sloppy, flimsy.

I sit and listen to music or read from my LG G V700 tablet.
The pool temperature is 72 degrees; next week when I get the OK from the doctor (Sept. 01) Then Wednesday I will remove the steps from the pool. I will cover the pool at a more convenient time.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Getting Better

Good Morning,
I am just guessing at this keyboard this morning. I need glasses to see it. But my glasses do not work at the moment.
I eyes cleared up enough so that I could wear my glasses and see.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Slow Learner

Good Morning,
I find it rather remarkable that some teacher long ago taught me to write and form sentences of thought. if you remember correctly I was a toddler getting into everything like everyone else at one time. I was late for everything in my life; let some else care for him and so development was put aside for a while. I guess that is where the phrase, "Slow Learner" came from.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Tom Cruise

Good Morning,
Mom just wished me a Happy Birthday. That was nice. I place everyone's birth date I know on my Google Calendar and Google reminds me 2 days ahead before the event with an email; so I knew my birthday was today as I was reminded 2 days ago in an email from Google. Google still does not know what these folks look like but I think it is just a matter of time before that gets solved in the reminders. I wish my brain would function that well. I always remind myself that it is a mothers tender loving care that makes the remembering skills much better than normal. Again again that may be my excuse for not remembering faces and names.
I do feel good this morning physically and mentally; today I will get a phone call telling me when I should be at the eye surgery center to fix my left eye cataract.
I was going to the show and see a movie but mom reminded me that I am waiting for a call from the surgery center. The movie I wanted to see was not on mom's reading list anyway.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

I Mowed

Good Morning,
I did not have any limintons on me yesterday so I mowed an area of the lawn to moved my brush pile. I mowed and moved my brush pile. I slept without a patch for the last two days and it is a relief. Next Tuesday I start over again with the limitations. Having the week off with the limitations helped my back heal (I always pull muscles). 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sparkling Eyes

Good Morning,
I feel good this morning; we went to my eye doctor and made an appointment to have cataract surgery on the left eye. They will call and finalize the time. I can do whatever I want until they call. So I will clean up my brush pile today and maybe move some stuff from under my solar panel platform. After surgery I will not be able to lift or move anything.
Mom is still in pain.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Onward, Christian Soldiers

Good Morning,
I have been awaking every morning these last few days with a sore throat. I know why but I am under doctors orders so I will keep my mouth and face clean in the meantime and continue using my eye drops. I told them that I had used and finished a bottle of antibiotics during my denture implants and they seemed not to worry. I read up on this situation and when your body kills germs with antibiotics it leaves you defenseless for a while (too much of a good thing is not good when it comes to antibiotics) I have strength and stamina and understanding so I know and my body knows what to do. I sooth my mouth with honey and my body absorbs the honey quickly and that helps; I know my body gets dependent on the honey but I buy plenty and give my mouth and throat plenty to absorb. When I get off the antibiotics my body will function with a little more normalcy.

Important Link between the Brain and Immune System Found

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Aluminum Cover Patch.

Good Morning,
I awoke at 12:20 AM with a sore throat and a headache. I got up and gargled with salt water. I did not wash my face but I tried to let the tear glands do their thing and rinse my eyes out. I made a cup of coffee and put honey in it to sooth my throat.
It rained 1 1/2inches of rain; I check the rain gauge when I check the mail. There will be more in the gauge tomorrow.
We have to cut two 6 inch squares in the Tonneau Cover of my red truck; then reach inside and unlatch the cover then replace the hole with a patch (bolted or riveted) with a rubber gasket to keep the water out. When we lift up the Tonneau Cover we will  then fix the tailgate latch.
I am staying up later so I can get back into a normal sleeping routine.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Good Morning,
I went to bed at 5:00 PM yesterday, put on my patch and closed my eyes in bed. I specifically did this because looking out through the patch was giving me a headache and making me queasy. Believe it or not when I did awake I did not open my eyes until this morning at 3:30AM. This helped quite a bit as I feel good this morning.
I pray to god that my wife Laurel is relieved from pain and suffering and I do not mean death I mean good feeling good health. It is time.
I shocked the pool hard yesterday and I killed the algae. When I see that the algae is dead I will put in some algae and phosphate eater in the pool. The solar cover in on the pool as I cannot lift it off the pool until my lens implants are done, which is another 3 weeks (assuming all is fine). 
Mom and I both load and wash dishes, we both load and wash clothes. I just pray to god that Laurel is given a miracle of good health with no pain. I think it is time god; just wave your hand over this child of god. Miracles do happen and this home is as good as any place on the planet to help someone. Use my strength and leave hers for her pleasure and make this paragraph of thought come true.

Monday, August 17, 2015

A 10

Good Morning,
Mom is not going to tell you the amount of pain she was in at the store yesterday. 
We got groceries, just foods to eat and by the time we were done mom was done.  Today I will just sit and she will just sit.
We can sit well but lately mom has not sat well.
I have been overeating lately and I gained over 7 pounds. That is what I get for having new teeth to work with and not being able to work.
We have not kicked a breaker since you remodeled the kitchen.
Mentally I am fine but I am having thoughts since eye surgery. I think the medication I am taking is causing some issues I have not had before. I will be glad to be rid of them.
Loretta is on a diet and she does not like it. Dolly eats her share then goes out and hunts. We have not seen George or Tiger Lily ( (George 24 hours) Tiger Lily at least 4 days).
I did not realize that depression reared it's ugly head into our lives last night as I awoke.
Well thank god for that understanding it does not happen much with me but when it does I can throw it out with the trash. It has no business in my life.

Sunday, August 16, 2015


Good Morning,,
Wow what a busy day yesterday; Laurel and I went to Paducah for our post op meeting with our eye  doctor and they let us in one/half hour before our meeting so we had time to come home and get our cat from the vet where we thought she was dying but it turned out that our cat chow was giving our cat urinary tract problems which was better for her than dying. We have to watch her diet and feed her wet cat food and special dry. We also went to Walmart and got some groceries plus a boom box for mom. her Radio was dying.
Mom took care of my eye plus took care of the cats medicine, fixed lunch and loaded the dishwasher. 
Loretta is looking for more to eat. When mom gets up she will feed her wet cat food. We are going to close the pool for winter now so we will need help wih the cover but that will be a week or two after my next eye cataract surgery which not has been scheduled. You have to have both eyes done or the weaker eye will try to dominate. It sure makes a difference having your eyes fixed. I was seeing double and fuzzy dull in my right eye for a while.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

This home is easy to warm and cool.

Good Morning,
I went back to bed and just now got up. I feel good mentally and physically. It is a moderate 66 degrees outside this morning and a warm 77 degrees inside; we never bothered to cool the home yesterday as it was mild but our home was warm and kept it's warmth after mom cooked dinner. Our home maintains it's temperature because of the spring running below our home. The water table is so close that it keeps us from freezing in the winter and overheating in the summer. Whatever the ground below our home is that is going to be where our home stays; it is as close to having an underground home.
This home is easy to warm and cool. The first year we lived in our home the cost of keeping it warm was $87.00 (late 1970's).

Why a Big Government?

It is really early in the morning, I could not sleep. I watched a movie and then another; I tossed and turned, napped and went to the bathroom. I finished cleaning the area of the wall that was a little disturbing.

I had a dream that was funny and disturbing about mashed potatoes smothered in butter, a beautiful big ear of sweetcorn, something else that looked like Quaker oats on a clear crystal plate that ended up like a Groucho Marx movie. It could be described as a slapstick dream.

There are times when things seem out of hand and we wish we could manage our money the way a good teacher organizes pencils.
You know if you have pupils in the class then the pencils do get out of hand. There is a purpose for a Congress to not agree on anything. You know what happened after the World Trade Center Buildings Collapsed
It is also the way that our United States Constitution is vague on some things. Our government is as big as our population and who can get 320,000,000 people to agree on anything. Our dept is measured in 1,000,000,000,000 (Trillion).
I think a flat 10% percent would take care of that and much more in a few years.
I have a hard time understanding a corporation that hides it obligation to pay taxes but loves it's idea of paying dividends to shareholders.
If our dept was a deadly snake our government would have no trouble cutting it's head off. We helped the world in the 1960's by just turning ours heads as to what the world owed us in gold. China could just forget what we owe them and wipe the slat clean.
It is a game of politics to control particular minds.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Windows 10 For My Laptop

I keep checking my laptop for the notice that Windows 10 is there, "Do you want to upgrade now?"
I saw that notice on mom's computer and I uploaded Windows 10 on her computer. It worked great but she had problems with passwords. I had backed up all her data, so that was safe. But her Windows 10 upgrade did not remove her data. When turned on for the first time her data was still there.
On my laptop I clean re install a lot so I do not know that  it will work out when Windows 10 arrives for my computer.
I checked and Windows 10 has a Factory Rebuild in it. I just have to get the SN# off the one they install then I go to the Microsoft Website and ask for the rebuild. I am not sure if that is correct but I think I read that right.
I do clean re installs all the time to keep my computer clear of of Nasty Trash I may download from time to time.

The Cave Painting

Good morning,
Some of the sky is pink this morning; I stepped out to feed George the Cat and promptly sneezed. I did not go out and do anything yesterday as I wanted to . Wanting is a sin because if you do not get what you want we have a tendency to pout or feel bad because something on your to do list did not get done. My to do list is day to day just stay alive or keep your body healthy  I am at that stage where stretching to keep fit might hurt me. So stretching has a balance between stretching and not pulling muscles loose. Doing chores is hard and it does not last long. Short bursts and rest.
My mind is like a child's but very blustery and poof I say what I feel. If my body was like my mind I could walk just about everywhere or do just about anything. It is a task to take care of me; so I do the best I can. The only good thing I can do is write and travel. I can use a vehicle and it does not hurt like walking does or doing chores. I can do simple chores like loading a dish washer, a clothes washer, a clothes drier. A vacuum cleaner is a little tougher as is a mop, but I have a steamer that can clean a floor. A riding mower hurts but it works, weed eating is almost impossible as I have too get my mind ready and I have to do it, I tend to procrastinate on weed eating. I can dump mulch so that is what I will do with weed eating, I can pick up grass clippings (it hurts but I can do it). I have not been in the pool for almost a week and I am afraid to look; the pool cover is a chore to move and yes it hurts to move it, (those aches are still the same every day aches I had when I was younger but it is harder now to recover and I am getting tired of recovering). My body heals nicely but the back never gets a chance anymore to fully recover because things have knitted in different places and it takes time to regrow our bodies. I cannot carry 5 gallons of water in each arm as I used to for great lengths of time.
I want to be close to my family so that I can travel 10 minutes to see them play ball, music or roll and tumble. It is that time in my life. I do not want a yard to take care of, I want to sit in the stands and cheer. I want to sit and visit.
There are great men and then there are men like me that have an opportunity to post as I feel and yes these are the signs of the times.
Who are the great men who said profound things. They were cave painters, artists, writers, leaders (people kept notes on what they said) or folks like Jesus who spoke nicely and people remembered what they said and tended to follow them and later wrote about them (took notes in their heads), there were tales that were told by different people and as they moved forward from mind to mind they became a tale of wonder. and folklore.
So where do we stand today? With a tremendous amount of time to understand men and the ability to reflect what we think on machines or paper.

Saturday, August 8, 2015


Good Morning,
I am up early and sneezing. I may not be able to have eye surgery if this is a cold. I run the fan on the air conditioner to filter out the dander. We have cat hair everywhere and we have old rugs with dead creatures life can't see.
Today I will cut weeds along the side of the house then mulch the area.  I think I may have to buy some mulch to do that.

Friday, August 7, 2015

I was Reading about Antibiotics

Good Morning,
It seems that I am sneezing a lot this morning. High humidity, flying dust in the air and cooler temperatures plus the fact that if I get sick in the next few days then I will not go to surgery next week. My note from the doctor said if I get sick to notify them. So is my sneezing a sickness or an allergy to cat dander, mites or a dusty room.
I am taking an antibiotic. I felt rough yesterday as my implant felt like blood but I think that is a feeling that happens when the implants adjust to the mouth. I ate easy foods as to not give my jaw a workout.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Eye Dilated

Good Morning,
I was sitting with Mom while she surfed and I listened to music and offered links to folks and wrote a little. I was thinking was my mind the same when I went to Seattle as it is today.
I have a sore jaw. That is part of the healing I have to endure while my body learns to live with implants and plastic teeth that are buttoned in. They work great as I ate what ever mom made yesterday. I remember mom's home made Pizza and something else for lunch. Anyway I worked my jaw pretty good yesterday and it is sore today. I feel good mentally and physically, My mouth feels a little bloody but that is just a taste around my implants. I think I will eat pudding today and ease up on the physical jaw exorcises.


While working at the Smith Tower I would hang out at the bar that was in the building; there were two bars one was a like a night club for Gay Ladies and I would go there to dance with the girls and the other bar up on the main floor was a regular bar for business men in the building. I became good friends with the Bartender who was my age and he was straight. He normally wore a black vest with a black type of garter on his arm like a 1930 bartender.
One day he told me he had a friend that I should meet because he wanted me to guide his friend while he took some acid (LSD).  I did help and guide his friend and I wrote about that elsewhere.  But I wanted to mention about why he recommended me to guide his friend.  Why should I be the one to guide his friend? I had not thought about dropping out or thinking about living on a commune at the time I was just a janitor at the Smith Tower. I would meet Jose Fuentes and Sylvia later.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

2 inches of Rain

We had 2 inches of rain in the rain gauge this morning (Gage is also OK). That is the last 24 hour reading. I empty it when I get the mail. That gives our postal carrier time to view how many inches we had since she was last here. plus if someone asks her she will know something.

Brown Water and No Phone

Good Morning,
I awoke  and went to the bathroom; I turned on the light and there was cat vomit in my sink and on the floor. I walked over to the toilet, lifted the lid and the water was brown: Did the cat learn to use the toilet too? It is early (about 4 am) so I turn on the news (no news at 4 am). Well the cell phone and our regular phone was out last night. Well is someone playing games with me. I need to wash my face. Brown water comes out of the tap. Ugh! I will flush the toilet, brown water again. I need a cup of coffee. At 0430 the news comes on, cell phone service is back on. I check our regular phone........ the line is busy and brown water in coming..... no that is is a phone. I walk around the house hanging up phones and the phone service is back on. That means our Internet service is back on. Now for the brown water. I boil the brown water. Well it is still brown water even if it is boiled. Lets just flush the lines.until it is clear.
We once lived out in the country where the water was rust red and smelled like rotting eggs. White shirt became rust red. Mom bought this home we live in now,

You are There

Folks tend to dismiss me when they do not understand me. The first thing you must know is that you are here in the space provide by your parents having a child and that places you in the space provided.
The remarkable thing is that other parents have placed children in their space provided. And what is this place? 
Well at the moment it is the planet we called earth.
Went out last night to put the garbage out for the trash man and almost got struck by lightning.
It just started raining today (5/8/2015( 0930)). It a big mean storm.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Good Morning,
72 degrees inside and 72 degrees out side this morning. I feel good mentally and physically. Loretta was sitting on my laptop this morning. I chased her off my laptop and she went and laid below the TV on the turntable.
We now have a light blue sky in the windows; well blue in one and gray in the other.
A dream or peculiar thought. I dream t  I was putting together stainless steel 22 foot long 4 inch pipes with two pipe wrenches, one holding and one turning. That reminded of the pipeline of services mankind provides for our communities as in telephone and electrical lines, sewer lines, gas lines and water lines, which led to roads and bridges.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Memory and Clouds

Good Morning,
I have been downloading video mom took off he Kindle Fire. Her Kindle was out of memory and her cloud at Amazon was full and Amazon was telling her.
It is taking some time to do this and after I do thisI will make a copy of these videos and place hem on Her Hard Drive ( I am downloading them to My Hard Drive at the moment).
I feel good this morning; I think mom is up but I do not know how she feels. 
View from the deck of four back yards.