Monday, August 17, 2015

A 10

Good Morning,
Mom is not going to tell you the amount of pain she was in at the store yesterday. 
We got groceries, just foods to eat and by the time we were done mom was done.  Today I will just sit and she will just sit.
We can sit well but lately mom has not sat well.
I have been overeating lately and I gained over 7 pounds. That is what I get for having new teeth to work with and not being able to work.
We have not kicked a breaker since you remodeled the kitchen.
Mentally I am fine but I am having thoughts since eye surgery. I think the medication I am taking is causing some issues I have not had before. I will be glad to be rid of them.
Loretta is on a diet and she does not like it. Dolly eats her share then goes out and hunts. We have not seen George or Tiger Lily ( (George 24 hours) Tiger Lily at least 4 days).
I did not realize that depression reared it's ugly head into our lives last night as I awoke.
Well thank god for that understanding it does not happen much with me but when it does I can throw it out with the trash. It has no business in my life.

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