Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Good Morning,
I went to bed at 5:00 PM yesterday, put on my patch and closed my eyes in bed. I specifically did this because looking out through the patch was giving me a headache and making me queasy. Believe it or not when I did awake I did not open my eyes until this morning at 3:30AM. This helped quite a bit as I feel good this morning.
I pray to god that my wife Laurel is relieved from pain and suffering and I do not mean death I mean good feeling good health. It is time.
I shocked the pool hard yesterday and I killed the algae. When I see that the algae is dead I will put in some algae and phosphate eater in the pool. The solar cover in on the pool as I cannot lift it off the pool until my lens implants are done, which is another 3 weeks (assuming all is fine). 
Mom and I both load and wash dishes, we both load and wash clothes. I just pray to god that Laurel is given a miracle of good health with no pain. I think it is time god; just wave your hand over this child of god. Miracles do happen and this home is as good as any place on the planet to help someone. Use my strength and leave hers for her pleasure and make this paragraph of thought come true.

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