Sunday, August 16, 2015


Good Morning,,
Wow what a busy day yesterday; Laurel and I went to Paducah for our post op meeting with our eye  doctor and they let us in one/half hour before our meeting so we had time to come home and get our cat from the vet where we thought she was dying but it turned out that our cat chow was giving our cat urinary tract problems which was better for her than dying. We have to watch her diet and feed her wet cat food and special dry. We also went to Walmart and got some groceries plus a boom box for mom. her Radio was dying.
Mom took care of my eye plus took care of the cats medicine, fixed lunch and loaded the dishwasher. 
Loretta is looking for more to eat. When mom gets up she will feed her wet cat food. We are going to close the pool for winter now so we will need help wih the cover but that will be a week or two after my next eye cataract surgery which not has been scheduled. You have to have both eyes done or the weaker eye will try to dominate. It sure makes a difference having your eyes fixed. I was seeing double and fuzzy dull in my right eye for a while.

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