Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Cave Painting

Good morning,
Some of the sky is pink this morning; I stepped out to feed George the Cat and promptly sneezed. I did not go out and do anything yesterday as I wanted to . Wanting is a sin because if you do not get what you want we have a tendency to pout or feel bad because something on your to do list did not get done. My to do list is day to day just stay alive or keep your body healthy  I am at that stage where stretching to keep fit might hurt me. So stretching has a balance between stretching and not pulling muscles loose. Doing chores is hard and it does not last long. Short bursts and rest.
My mind is like a child's but very blustery and poof I say what I feel. If my body was like my mind I could walk just about everywhere or do just about anything. It is a task to take care of me; so I do the best I can. The only good thing I can do is write and travel. I can use a vehicle and it does not hurt like walking does or doing chores. I can do simple chores like loading a dish washer, a clothes washer, a clothes drier. A vacuum cleaner is a little tougher as is a mop, but I have a steamer that can clean a floor. A riding mower hurts but it works, weed eating is almost impossible as I have too get my mind ready and I have to do it, I tend to procrastinate on weed eating. I can dump mulch so that is what I will do with weed eating, I can pick up grass clippings (it hurts but I can do it). I have not been in the pool for almost a week and I am afraid to look; the pool cover is a chore to move and yes it hurts to move it, (those aches are still the same every day aches I had when I was younger but it is harder now to recover and I am getting tired of recovering). My body heals nicely but the back never gets a chance anymore to fully recover because things have knitted in different places and it takes time to regrow our bodies. I cannot carry 5 gallons of water in each arm as I used to for great lengths of time.
I want to be close to my family so that I can travel 10 minutes to see them play ball, music or roll and tumble. It is that time in my life. I do not want a yard to take care of, I want to sit in the stands and cheer. I want to sit and visit.
There are great men and then there are men like me that have an opportunity to post as I feel and yes these are the signs of the times.
Who are the great men who said profound things. They were cave painters, artists, writers, leaders (people kept notes on what they said) or folks like Jesus who spoke nicely and people remembered what they said and tended to follow them and later wrote about them (took notes in their heads), there were tales that were told by different people and as they moved forward from mind to mind they became a tale of wonder. and folklore.
So where do we stand today? With a tremendous amount of time to understand men and the ability to reflect what we think on machines or paper.

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