Sunday, August 30, 2015

Block and Tackle

Good Morning,
My daughter and her husband removed the steps from my pool; that was a major job that had to be done before the water got too cold in the pool (the pool water temperature was 78 degrees). I want to thank them for the remarkable good work; my wife helped, as she handles the pulley (block and tackle) to lift the steps.
The doctor gave me orders, don't bend over, do not do any lifting, getting into any pool or splashing my eyes. So I needed help and my daughter decided that Saturday would be a good time to help her dad (grandpa) with the pool steps. There is a big thank you there from grandpa.
I was there to tell them what needed to be done and it was done without any problems. The water was not very clean so my daughter had to take a shower after her dip into the pool.

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