Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Brown Water and No Phone

Good Morning,
I awoke  and went to the bathroom; I turned on the light and there was cat vomit in my sink and on the floor. I walked over to the toilet, lifted the lid and the water was brown: Did the cat learn to use the toilet too? It is early (about 4 am) so I turn on the news (no news at 4 am). Well the cell phone and our regular phone was out last night. Well is someone playing games with me. I need to wash my face. Brown water comes out of the tap. Ugh! I will flush the toilet, brown water again. I need a cup of coffee. At 0430 the news comes on, cell phone service is back on. I check our regular phone........ the line is busy and brown water in coming..... no that is is a phone. I walk around the house hanging up phones and the phone service is back on. That means our Internet service is back on. Now for the brown water. I boil the brown water. Well it is still brown water even if it is boiled. Lets just flush the lines.until it is clear.
We once lived out in the country where the water was rust red and smelled like rotting eggs. White shirt became rust red. Mom bought this home we live in now,

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