Thursday, August 6, 2015


While working at the Smith Tower I would hang out at the bar that was in the building; there were two bars one was a like a night club for Gay Ladies and I would go there to dance with the girls and the other bar up on the main floor was a regular bar for business men in the building. I became good friends with the Bartender who was my age and he was straight. He normally wore a black vest with a black type of garter on his arm like a 1930 bartender.
One day he told me he had a friend that I should meet because he wanted me to guide his friend while he took some acid (LSD).  I did help and guide his friend and I wrote about that elsewhere.  But I wanted to mention about why he recommended me to guide his friend.  Why should I be the one to guide his friend? I had not thought about dropping out or thinking about living on a commune at the time I was just a janitor at the Smith Tower. I would meet Jose Fuentes and Sylvia later.

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