Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Why a Big Government?

It is really early in the morning, I could not sleep. I watched a movie and then another; I tossed and turned, napped and went to the bathroom. I finished cleaning the area of the wall that was a little disturbing.

I had a dream that was funny and disturbing about mashed potatoes smothered in butter, a beautiful big ear of sweetcorn, something else that looked like Quaker oats on a clear crystal plate that ended up like a Groucho Marx movie. It could be described as a slapstick dream.

There are times when things seem out of hand and we wish we could manage our money the way a good teacher organizes pencils.
You know if you have pupils in the class then the pencils do get out of hand. There is a purpose for a Congress to not agree on anything. You know what happened after the World Trade Center Buildings Collapsed
It is also the way that our United States Constitution is vague on some things. Our government is as big as our population and who can get 320,000,000 people to agree on anything. Our dept is measured in 1,000,000,000,000 (Trillion).
I think a flat 10% percent would take care of that and much more in a few years.
I have a hard time understanding a corporation that hides it obligation to pay taxes but loves it's idea of paying dividends to shareholders.
If our dept was a deadly snake our government would have no trouble cutting it's head off. We helped the world in the 1960's by just turning ours heads as to what the world owed us in gold. China could just forget what we owe them and wipe the slat clean.
It is a game of politics to control particular minds.

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