Monday, August 24, 2015

Tom Cruise

Good Morning,
Mom just wished me a Happy Birthday. That was nice. I place everyone's birth date I know on my Google Calendar and Google reminds me 2 days ahead before the event with an email; so I knew my birthday was today as I was reminded 2 days ago in an email from Google. Google still does not know what these folks look like but I think it is just a matter of time before that gets solved in the reminders. I wish my brain would function that well. I always remind myself that it is a mothers tender loving care that makes the remembering skills much better than normal. Again again that may be my excuse for not remembering faces and names.
I do feel good this morning physically and mentally; today I will get a phone call telling me when I should be at the eye surgery center to fix my left eye cataract.
I was going to the show and see a movie but mom reminded me that I am waiting for a call from the surgery center. The movie I wanted to see was not on mom's reading list anyway.

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