Friday, December 31, 2010

We have 54 degrees in Marion Kentucky and according to the Calendar it is the 365 day of 2010. Tomorrow we begin anew.
Funny how that is a reminder of a new year. Each morning as I awake it is a new reminder but I guess I will go along with society in parts of the United States and mark it as the last day of 2010 and tomorrow as the beginning of a new year. We have partly cloudy skies and a chance of showers. These rain showers are the remnants of the devastating storms that they had out west.
I feel great and my red tea is steeping.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

One World, Two Points of View

When our cats go out their hair stands on end, their ears perk up and their senses are keen on ever present danger. When they are indoors they flop on their backs and forget about any danger.

When I go out I feel the same as I do indoors and that is because we have a strong military that watches the edges of our country under the sea (unseen) and in the air (unseen). We know they are there and so does the planet. We know that terrorist try to play messy mind games with the idea to foil our Independence but it just does not work because mentally we are all sound of mind and body and fully capable of using weapons as a group.

We have thieves that feel differently because they are always guilty in mind and mood.
Most of us feel great.
Some of us have agendas and lists and if those needs (wants) are not met they get upset.
I have left that world behind and learned not to want.
The best way to do something is to just start doing it, put it away when you are not finished and continue it when the mood returns.

I know that jobs depend of agendas and lists. If those needs are not met so be it. We can try again tomorrow there is no sense in keeping that thought in mind after the work day is done.

I awoke in the middle of the night wanting to be.
The mind wants to look into a window.
My head is pressed against the glass looking in.
This is one of those moments where love wants you elsewhere.
Why do I keep repeating those vows? Why should there be a longing in this soul?
Have I not learned my lessons; hasn't the teacher written the formula on the blackboard; wasn't it all explained in great detail?
I know those answers.
There is a great need to be loved, appreciated, cherished and adored. I do not think that I am much different from anyone else. Age does not lesson our needs. I wish I could walk like the gods amongst the
flowing flowers in today's breezes.
The key question is the wanting.
There is life, it is at my feet, there is love, and it is in my being.
So why did I awake in the middle of the night longing for lost vows?
Why did I so easily forget my place in the sun?
The key question is the wanting.
Did something break that bond that was sealed so long ago? Did the mother just now wean the child in this mornings dream? There is a tang, a splinter, and a crack in this bond. There is a chain that is
dragging around my neck.
Is it love and a vow?
I think it is, it is like sweet cream, a warm flow, a guiding light, a walking hand in hand, a splendid sunset, a warm emotion.
Those feeling want to leave and I know they shouldn't. Time heals all wounds. So maybe the satellite will hover over my head and all will be well.
Life should be swell. I still want peace.
My answers have not come like a revelation. There is no supreme angel of love that will drop from my heaven and grasp me and soothe my heart. There should be, there was and life has changed.
The vegetables and the flowers will still be in the garden in the morning. The dew will be on the grass.
The goldfinches and the hummingbird will still dart about my morning skies.
This emotion has moved from my mind to this screen. Hopefully some mind will understand this old man and see that we all pang in our lifetime. This is not an ailment that is just for the young but an ailment of
all of mankind.
I took a nap; it is now 7 am, what was I thinking about at 3 am this morning? It was important, I guess I'll just have to read what I wrote, this morning is a warm gray in color and feel, Laurel has gone to
I feel more at home now and I realize that this planet is just below my feet.
That is a statement that we all can make. Yes, this is remarkable sphere that we live and walk on.
I am told that it is round.
I awoke in the middle of the night wanting to be loved.
It is 48 degrees outside and cloudy. It may be raining, I am not sure at the moment.
I feel very good mentally but my morning soreness (old age) is a constant. When I worked at the dam I had a constant soreness also and I was in excellent health. So I guess my soreness is normal. When you go after a young therizinosaurus you are bound to get sore.
Mom has a health evaluation next Monday and hopefully the weather will cooperate this time.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Angry in New York

We pay taxes for city services. But when conservative politicians get into office they cut taxes because it is a popular topic and certainly will get you elected but the bad side of cutting taxes is the lose of city services as in New York where there are not enough city personal to clear the snow.


Kwanzaa is a week-long holiday honoring African culture and traditions. It falls between December 26 and January 1 each year. Maulana Karenga, an African-American leader, proposed this observance and it was first celebrated between December 1966 and January 1967.
As I look out our picture window I see the colorful lights of the Holiday Spirit reminding me that this a joyous time. I look south to our sliding door and I see the front light reflected and looking forward I look into our fish tank and see the Holiday Lights on our tree. I am completely surrounded by the spirit of the season.
History has provided us a season to reflect on the goodness of man, Thomas Moore, Saint Nicholas, Jesus, Moses and those that wrote and sang the carols and songs of the season.
History and tradition are nice gifts to place on paper, stone and silicon.
It is 35 degrees here in Marion Kentucky. It is dark out and yes we still have the remnants of snow in our shaded north faces.
Mom was off yesterday and she fed the children, washed clothes and slept in her chair exhausted. She loves the company and will never turn it down. Having family over is a required taste that spiritually lifts the body higher into a chaos and bliss experience. Perfectly marvelous is a good word to describe the Holy Days of the year.
I did learn that Little Sister is an artist. Whether she will pursue that is of no concern at the moment but the fact remains she can do what she wants with any tool provided and that is a gift.

Bundle Up, It’s Global Warming

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

If You Are a Human Being You Have to Understand

That if you look closely you will see thing that happened yesterday that were amazing. One example this morning is seeing Younger Brother in his pajamas. Just 24 hours ago they were too long. Kitten Yarn cut the sleeves and pants and stitched them back together at the proper size for little brother to wear. The word is dexterity, our ability to knit.
Our skillful ability to knit, to move yarn around into patterns of cloth.
Dexterity our ability to move bodies of humans around as pawns, skillful weaving bodies with minds into armies of motion.
Dexterity the ability to open a tube of toothpaste and skillfully layer the paste onto a brush without thought.
Dexterity our basic ability to run around a tree and stop and think out our next move,
or move through the woods without thought or harm.
We can gracefully move our lips, hands and feet over an instrument of sound
and create emotional sound that can carry a pattern of thought with wonderful splendor.
Dexterity the ability to read four objects at a time while pounding the keyboard of a computer,
making sense or nonsense, whatever prevails?
We have conquered the past as we move into the future. We have learned that we can move and shape our future.
Good or bad?
There are a lot of variations in between those extremes.
Every morning you have to understand, to see the world around you and understand what we have accomplished, it's worth a prayer.

A Nice December Gift

When family says, "Hello" or a friend stops by and gives you a hug or welcomes your friendship on FaceBook it is a nice gesture. It give the Holy Days a nice halo, an ambient warmth and a Merry Christmas.
It is 10 degrees in Marion this morning. Kitten Yarn came back to pick up a charger for Dancing Girl's new camera and stayed the night. She is up and about. My daughter and I are morning folk. My grandfather (Pablo) and my dad (Jesus) were the same way.
I made a cup of tea on my new machine this morning. It is a great time saver and yes it does not blacken your coffee pot over the fire like it did in Westerns.

Monday, December 27, 2010


It is a simple and nice morning, no complications because there is no want. I t is 23 degrees outside on this holiday morning as we near a new threshold on the planet earth. We are near a new year in the Gregorian calendar.
I am up at 1 AM because I am high from my coffee maker. I love coffee and I have to remember to control my appetite for coffee.
Christmas was wonderful and it continuing to be very nice. We were blessed with a mild, " White Christmas" this year.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Humdinger of a Coffee Pot!

The snow came in for the picture postcard in Western Kentucky. The roads in Marion are fine in town and the main highway is OK. Just be careful when you travel.
Kitten Yarn and family are here and today they will be traveling to Grammies today in Paducah, Ky.
We are still celebrating and I guess we will be celebrating until the 1st sign of Spring weather.
I had to go to town because mom's gas cap was froze shut, I took a hammer, but mom had some windshield spray and that did the trick plus my hand strength.
I got a new coffee pot for Christmas and this morning I used it again. This is what it looks like. It is one of a humdinger of a coffee pot! It makes one cup at a time so you always have a fresh cup of coffee no matter what time of day it is, no waiting. I am going to get my son in law one of these contraptions next month. It is perfect for him because it is easy to maintain and it is top load dishwasher safe.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Red ribbons, green trees, gold bows, blue lights, white snow. Snow falling from windows,icicles clear, stars on horizons, candy canes line the streets, rosy cheeks and
mittens. Warm toddy, apples and oranges, nuts and candies. Cheers and songs, laughing and tickles. The mind glows with life, eyes sparkle, a twinkling of an eye, merry thoughts and friendship. A red suit and cap, antlers and red noses, sleighs and Clydesdales, dancing and song. The spirit lifts ones sights to the stars.
Goodwill toward men. Peace

Merry Christmas

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Day before Christmas

Our Colorful lights are lit. Our green tree is festooned with lights and ornaments and it is very nice and comforting. The room is welcoming and gifts are on there way. We all know our history and we sing with joy in our winter of 2010 (there are more than 6000 years but we just remember what was placed on stone). Heaven only knows how old these Christmas tales are.
I do love the ideas and the celebrations of winter.

I stand in an aura of warmth

A variety of emotions
A cross culture of a human being
I placed Christmas lights on a tree
I placed the Star of David a top the tree
I sent out a Hanukah gift and Christmas Greetings
I am listening to Jamiroquai
My mornings start anew without any thought
Pure…..then the ego emerges
I open my eyes then the light
I am the variety of my being
No peg…. There is no peg hole
Spirituality?…….Zen?......Hebrew?........ Christian?..........Agnostic?
Nothing ……. Confucianism?...... Yin Yang?.......
As a child my body was dipped into all those words
My ego took the best for my self…..greedy child
The sun brightens our days and the earth turns away the light.
I do not have a clue but I did travel though San Francisco in the sixties
And I did see the Manchurian Candidate.
I stand in an aura of warmth
Oh halo

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It is 2 degrees out front on our doorstep this morning, that is a wee bit chilly. Our sky is going toward a blue shade and I see gray clouds way off on the southern horizon.
We went grocery shopping and I pumped some gas yesterday, both were rather chilling. Folks that work outdoors stood proud as if it is was a spring day. The wind was not nice as it cut into my skin. No wind as I speak this morning.
The roads should be clean this morning as all the snow has stopped blowing and causing any problems in Marion. The rest of the stat I am not sure of, I'll stop by FaceBook and get a taste of other environments across our country.
Mom has been up for about 15 minutes she was up with the cats and computer last night so she slept in late.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The wind has eased up this morning but the temperature dropped to 7 degrees above zero. We have an appointment in Lexington Kentucky this afternoon that I think we will not make. The wind earlier this morning was causing drifting snow to make road conditions hazardous over the frozen snow on the highways (slip sliding away (been there, done that)). There is no use for an elderly couple getting stranded on a side of a hill or just being a nervous wreak at our arrival in Lexington. I have driven in highway condition like this going to and from the lock and dam (70 miles) and it tightens your neck and back as well as your brain. I was younger then than I am now.
Well we have a white snow and it is picturesque.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

We have big white flakes of snow falling as I speak and we have an inch of snow on the ground outside.
The roads are bad as I speak and mom is not moving from our home on her days off. Tomorrow is another day so we will continue to clean up our rooms for the holidays.
I made a nice nest of two dog houses and a heater under a table and the only one who uses it is our neighbors cat. Our cats sit out in the snow or under the deck.

Our Government at Work

26 degrees and a dusting of snow. I hear the sounds of technology and not the quiet of a cave. It is warm and very comfortable where I am, no shivers for my body. We have come a long way as a society. Being born and not learning or respecting how we have come to this state of being is a matter for our schools and parenting. Being thrown out with the laundry as most our children do makes understanding a chore in our world of hand held magic.
I hear our TV in the back bedroom, a fan that blows warm air under our home, a fish tank pump and bubbler and the hum of currant moving through our homes wiring system. Most of our lights do not make a sound and my computer from time to time spines under this silver cover. The stainless steel tea pot with a copper bottom just whistled. We take all these things for granted. I made none of it. I did at one time help make fans, sand wooden floors, help thread pipe, cut and weld pipe, bend steel, drill holes, raise and lower a dam, thread 1000 feet of cable onto a steel drum, raise and lower water in a lock, splice rope, help lay carpet, help lay linoleum, put up cabinets, carry heavy objects, hook wickets. I got paid by society to do all these things and in turn society used what I labored to do.
During all these times I payed the government money for the road in front of my home the satellite in the sky for my TV, the submarine that prowl the ocean protecting our shores, the air force that flies overhead, the radar and sonar that sweep clean our skies and oceans of invading armies, the persons that sends my retirement funds to my bank, the insurance company that protects my money.
During all these times I payed the government money for my retirement in three ways, social security, medicare and retirement benefits. Now that my body will not perform the heavy tasks I use the money that I saved, medicare and my retirement.
During all these times I payed the government taxes to do all of the tasked mentioned above plus many more.
We have come a long way as a society. Being born and not learning or respecting how we have come to this state of being is a matter for our schools and parenting. Being thrown out with the laundry as most our children do makes understanding a chore in our world of hand held magic.

Are the laborers above in the photo working as hard as slaves who built the pyramids. Those folks are government employees and that is what your taxes pay for. The lock and dams that move oil to Pennsylvania via the Ohio river move through Federal lock and dams that the private sector cannot control (they tried but there was too much cheating). The government holds water in reservoirs for all the cities in the United States and federal employees maintain them. That is where your taxes go.
Labor pays for what we do and what we earn pays for the road in front of our home. There is no magic or presidential smile that will make that go away. Greed has made Scrooge the man he is.

Snowman Desktop Background

Saturday, December 11, 2010

No Taxes for the Powers That Be

It seems that us poor folk really do not care if our taxes go up because we are so poor it really does not make any difference to us if we have nothing to lose.
Everyone in Congress and the White House have plenty to lose if we let the tax cuts expire. They make plenty of money. I saw Clinton, Obama and Mitch all squirm when some of the brave Democrats stood their ground and were willing to pay their fare share of taxes. It seems that those in power all have something to lose when taxes go up. The unemployed only have a vote and a few Democrats that will help them. I see that Mitch and his rich cronies did not care, they were offered a choice and they said , "NO!" Some compromise.
Today I move stuff out of my daughters room. It goes out or in the closet. Please do not look into those closets.
Mom works late today and early tomorrow. I simply enjoy writing and being. I have not seen Ice-D in a day or so, he must be out catting around or sweat talking some old lady.
I have been listening to salsa for the last two days.
I will put the air mattress away today and maybe I will move the toy box and computer into the Eli's room plus I will wash some laundry for the weekend.
My head dances and my back aches, memories dance.
I created the wreath below and the candy canes above for some Christmas Cheer. You are welcome to spread your own cheer.

Good 1960 Vibes

It is warm this morning in Western Kentucky somewhere around 42 degrees with a solid cloud cover.
I feel great and optimistic. The world battles for water and oil and I am happy in my own little world. I shed those pounds of unhappiness back in the late 1960's and have embraced life in the Garden of Eden my heaven on the planet earth.
Why do I keep repeating the same crap over and over again? Well my life is simply stagnant and I do not have those luxuries of travel or adventures other than the mind and the world of communications spinning it's tales over the spectrum of light and sound. I told mom the other day that I could live in a jail cell and be perfectly happy. She said that I was full of bull and that I could not live in that world. Been there, done that, no problem.
Anyway I feel very comfortable. I was thinking of when was the last time I had any depressing feelings? Well it was not too long ago when I left mom without any funds while I went out to have a good time with NARFE. The spell left me in an hour on the road and I did enjoy my trip and I did feel great.
I was thinking how could I help anyone feeling depressed? I could never help anyone feeling depressed other than them moving in with me. I have plenty of strength mentally and it rubs off like a virus and it is catching. I could not be overwhelmed with ten folks running around my ego with depression without bitching at them.
I have a clue for those that are depressed. Read what I write one word at a time and drop the speed reading crap and understand and look-up every word I place on paper in the dictionary or Wikipedia. It is your choice.
I say good morning to everyone, some believe me, others do not.
I love those violins.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Telephones and Imformation are Nice

Good morning and it looks great outdoors this morning. It did not rain or snow yesterday.
I did clean out the computer room, placed throw rugs down and placed the air mattress down on them and filled it with air (I'll go check this morning on the air). It is still up and that makes me happy and I thank Sandy and her daughter Suzanne for letting me sleep on their air mattress.
Mom and I did buy our own mattress and Kitten Yarn said she would sleep on it when she visited.
Well today I clean and rearrange the closet to accommodate some books and toys and maybe mom can get some Command damage free hangers for the photos stacked on our couch in the living room. I will put the photos up this week in the computer room.
I just called the Walmart store in Princeton Kentucky and asked the nice lady there if they had Command Damaged Free Wall Hangers. I told her that I was going to call my wife at work and asked her to pick some up on her way home from work.
I put the books out in the garage until after the Holidays. The closet can only hold so much and I am afraid it will fall into the other room if I fill it too full. I have some mouse bait out in the garage, so hopefully the mice will go elsewhere to spend the winter. I have my hands-full putting everything back in place, but I must before Santa arrives.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

14 degrees outside this morning. Our sky is pink to the south, "Red sky in the morning sailor take warning!"
We were in Nashville yesterday for mom's 6 month checkup which turned up normal and has made another appointment for another checkup sometime from now.
We did a little Christmas Shopping too (online and in some stores) it was also nice to window shop, window shopping is a nice perk of civilization ( I take the civil out of civilization loosely).
Today I place some cheap carpet down for the holidays and check out our Christmas air mattress our for leaks (company too) . I will also remove everything from our couch and put it out on the lawn for the holidays so as to keep our home neat and tidy for Christmas Company. I will throw some colorful lights over the neatly stacked items for a more Christmas Cheer and maybe a few laughs after all this is Kentucky (as it is to be expected, our tin corrugated roof also looks great with icicles hanging from them).
Time for some red tea as yesterday we ate out at the Marion Cafe and I had 3 cups of coffee before departing for Nashville, Tennessee .

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

14 degrees in Marion this morning. That is enough to freeze pipes and cause some serious damage to plumbing. A good wind would cause some very serious wind chill.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

5 Myths about federal workers

With federal workers facing pay freeze, Wall Street should do its part, too

A sign of the times, I filled up the humidifier last night and forgot to turn it on. I have a headache this morning and I was wondering why? I know why now and my stuffiness knows now but why was a simple act not done. I do not have a checklist as they do in space or as do our perfect friends.
Well this morning it is clear and I will paint the computer room as the only obstacle is the shade over the ceiling light. 18 degrees will make you bundle up and get comfy as in a pile of cats or in a bed in a igloo.
Mom is off today and already at the computer as I am and it is time for a cup of coffee.
Our bird feeders have been out and we get plenty of sparrows at the feeders.
Well I have done a good job but I had to find a bucket to paint out of, the plastic ice cream bucket was not safe enough to hang on a ladder ( No big spill as of now but I am not taking any chances).

Monday, December 6, 2010

Today I paint the computer room. I will trim this morning and do the ceiling this afternoon.
It is 27 degrees outside this morning and our cat water is frozen hard. I gave them more water. It is cloudy out and it did snow yesterday, just the spitting kind that leaves a slick spot whenever it lands on wood.
The cats have stirred up our living area by jumping and slipping on paper piles from our computer room, it looks contagious as if it could run the Holiday Spirit back to November.
But by painting I can place a lot of stuff in the garage and back in the closet. Books and papers in the garage, paintings and pictures in the closet. Mom will get a air bed for the room this Holiday Season.

I will pay my fare share of taxes

I will pay my fare share of taxes so that my grand children will be less burdened.
I know the president is being pushed by popular vote as to not raise taxes on everyone. I will stand my ground and pay my fare share of taxes to repair the pothole in our countries paths.
Just ask and you will receive my fare share of taxes.
The buck stops here.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Each of us are in a remarkable place.
Who can explain the space we occupy.
I live in the United States of America.
Human beings have named and divided America.

Wood, flint, stone, fire, ash, ore, sand, hair, leather, bones and vines.

If I could just remember why I am standing here in this field all-alone.
The weather is nice, but I wonder why I am alone? I am clothed as I remember in my work uniform and boots.
I do have a fondness for pleasant weather and this is my kind of day, but how in the world did I get here?
I have had memories of living alone, wishful thinking, but that does not explain this, what in the world happened? Why am I standing in this field, something is going on, is this a test?
I have imagined myself living without any help before, could this be my answer?
I had imagined that maybe the civilized world that I lived in has ended and
I stood alone to fetch and fend for myself.
Someone in my past had told me to be careful in what I wished for; I seem to be paying that piper.
I thought that I could live like this forever, I do have what I think is intelligence.
I imagined myself standing like a Greek god with my hands at my hips and looking over this small planet.
I can marvel at the colors and stately beauty of this ball of elements, this earth.
Just look at me as I stand rotund and out of shape in a field of green, a weeble.
With no help or being nearby I think that we could live like this forever.
We could stand stately and proud and dare the world to come closer.
Has the author put us all in our own colorful field?
What am I to do?
When night falls we will realize that we are not alone.
The eyes of the wild creatures of the earth will watch us very closely. What am I to do?
We have to learn to use our knowledge, the things that we learned in our life.
We can look for some useful tool and use it, but if no tools are available then we must create some to use.
Can we survive all alone or does our life require the help of others?
How difficult will it be to remains alive and not be food for other creatures.
What can I do to survive?
Do I have to find a cave and figure out a way to start a fire?
Then after the fire is complete then I could maybe get some sleep.
Who is going to watch the night while I am asleep?
I may need to find another human to have some sleep.
I know that there is steel, but how do I create it by my self?
Everything that I saw before this moment had been created for my pleasure to use as a tool or a weapon.
Can I possibly create everything that I know of by scratch?
Or do I have to search the world for other creatures of intelligence to help me out.
Is this new possibility based on each human helping each other out?
Does each one of us behave in a way to help another? Are we dependent on each other?
Or can we stand alone without any help?
It is time to move. It is time to be keen and aware.

Cloth, paper, lead,carbon, steel, plastic, glass, concrete, oil,rubber, nylon,
crystals and asphalt.

Atheism has it's own God

Life is always amazing to me in the belief's man's mind brings to the forefront. Man's ability to understand and follow logic amazes me. We turn words into our own confessional and kneel towards the sun. The sun in turn blesses the tree with cherries that we share with the birds, insects and the tree.
Rain falls and flows and we have this remarkable ability to breathe the air in our own little world.

Let the tax breaks expire.

Renewing the Bush era tax breaks for all taxpayers, not just the middle class, will ensure an additional $114 billion to next year’s deficit.

The Republicans want to cut spending and renew the Bush tax breaks.

Does that make sense?

If the tax cuts are extended we go into the hole
$114 billion dollars in one year.

Do not let Obama compromise with the Republicans on this. They want the tax breaks to continue and add the $114 billion to next year’s budget.

Tell Obama no tax breaks for anyone. Just say no or your grandchild will have to pay more.

White Christmas

Sometimes life is real intense. Well mom and I have always lived that way. It goes back to the, "Love Children" of 1967. They (we) had the ability to see a human being, place them squarely on the planet and bow to their ability to be. It was intense to say the least because some people are hard to live with.
Anyway the other day I was reminded by the checkout girl at Walmart of the way we are. Mom and I are intense and we always have been that way. The young checkout girl reminded us of our bickering which we always do.
I think Walmart the store (in Princeton) has gotten a taste of mom. She (our children know) does things right and she expects the world around her to do things right. Sometimes that is a little intense. I noticed the area where she worked the other day was just right (neat and tidy). Walmart makes money when things are done efficiently. I know that they make money by other peoples mistakes and keeping operating costs at a minimum. Just fair and square are for the Sunday School Lessons and Martin Luther King Jr.
It is 29 degrees here in town, no frost on the windshield this morning. We are getting closer to a good snow and some jingle bells on sleighs.

VideoBoom: 300 Years of Fossil Fuels in 300 Seconds

Friday, December 3, 2010

Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.

God has given us such a beautiful planet to live on. This year is the latest year of our inhabitants of this planet. We have been here a long time and we still have not learned to live in peace.
History is a nice teacher.
I have just gotten up to take my medicine. I do this every night. Some times I think that my medicine does not work and I do not take it. Boy is that a mistake. I thought this afternoon that I forgot to take my medicine. I had better let things be as they are and take my medicine as planned.
Jesus really understood us 2010 years ago when he said, "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do." Such a swell human being. He would have loved my thoughts and we would have been great friends.
Well it is time to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season and say to everyone, "Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men" (et in terra pax hominibus, bonae voluntatis).

Farmers Bank in Marion, Kentucky

The Farmers Bank in Marion , Kentucky is expanding. Why don't they raise their saving account interest rates instead of expanding. If all banks thought more about their costumers then maybe their costumers would think more highly of banks.

Corporate America and Big Business

Fed aid in financial crisis went beyond U.S. banks to industry, foreign firms

"The financial crisis stretched even farther across the economy than many had realized, as new disclosures show the Federal Reserve rushed trillions of dollars in emergency aid not just to Wall Street but also to motorcycle makers, telecom firms and foreign-owned banks in 2008 and 2009. "

A CBS Poll

The poll finds that 53 percent of Americans want the Bush-era tax cuts extended only for households earning less than $250,000 per year. That roughly matches the proposal put forth by the White House, which wants to extend the cuts only for incomes less than $250,000 for families and $200,000 for individuals.

Just 26 percent of Americans say they support extending the cuts for all Americans, even those earning above the $250,000 level, which is the GOP proposal.

House Minority Leader John Boehner.

(Credit: AP)
Another 14 percent of Americans say the cuts should expire for all Americans.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I spent the day yesterday in Newburgh Indiana at the Christmas Dinner for retired (Retired Louisville District Lock and Dam Operators and Retired Louisville District Lakes Employees). We had a great time telling stories and laughing and having a great time.
Mom had to work.

Moses and the Pharaoh

About 30 years ago I met this young lead man on a towboat that said to me, "I do not care about the men that work for me, "Their a dime a dozen." What I care about is the job and how they do it. I can pick up a new man anytime from any street corner."
That thought was crazy but how would I know that corporate America would think that way 100% in 2009. There is not a corporation in America that thinks of it's employees first before their bottom line.
I know that health care and auto insurance companies think of the dollar first before handing out money.
I know that Walmart stores think of the dollar first before their employees.
I heard something a few years back that a corporation would rather spend a million dollars defending their way of life that spending that million to help its employees.
How can America afford to eat without the dollar hamburger? They can't.
I know that I can live in poverty but my wife cannot or will not.
She has been beaten to exhaustion in her life and still pushes the pain aside.
When will society understand or is it her time to be left behind?
Like her boss said, "I am only the store manager."
Corporate Americas answer, "Were is business to make money and pyramids!"

walmart and kentucky workers comp

A Gift in December
26 degrees in Marion at this moment. The Holy Day (Holiday) Spirits are more than vapors this morning. Tis the season to be jolly and sing fah la la la la la la la la la I think I ran into a wall and popped another la.
I had a Christmas Party at the Marion Cafe for the Retired Federa.l Employees in Marion yesterday. It was wonderful just talking and having a good time.
We are now getting a dusting of snow.
Mom had to work yesterday and is being hassled by Walmart's leadership because she got run over by a 13 year old boy grab-assing in their store, the young man was told, "Behave and do not run in the store anymore!" Mom she still hurts from the collision, it was major and she had the black and blue bruises to show for the collision. It was a serious accident and Walmart is trying to weasel out of helping this tired old women heal or even be compensated for her and pain and injury. They are mentally trying to get her to say, "Screw you I am out of here!" (Walmart's plans do not always work. Mom is a fighter and they have backed her into a corner.) But we know as a family that her injury was real and they will pay for her pain and suffering these last two years.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The rain is over and it is 31 degrees at this moment. It looks partly cloudy out. My sister said it is snowing in Eastern Kentucky this morning. Not much just a showing.
We have most of our Christmas cheer absorbed and looking a little red and green. I have a lot to do to cheer this room up since it looks like a storage area in a spooky novel.
Our computer room is all dust without a computer (which is on the kitchen table (just for the moment)) and this afternoon the dusty room gets a cleaning and later this week it gets painted. Next week all the goodies stacked here go back into the computer room for the Holidays.... Cheers.

Happy Birthday Sylvia