Saturday, December 11, 2010

Good 1960 Vibes

It is warm this morning in Western Kentucky somewhere around 42 degrees with a solid cloud cover.
I feel great and optimistic. The world battles for water and oil and I am happy in my own little world. I shed those pounds of unhappiness back in the late 1960's and have embraced life in the Garden of Eden my heaven on the planet earth.
Why do I keep repeating the same crap over and over again? Well my life is simply stagnant and I do not have those luxuries of travel or adventures other than the mind and the world of communications spinning it's tales over the spectrum of light and sound. I told mom the other day that I could live in a jail cell and be perfectly happy. She said that I was full of bull and that I could not live in that world. Been there, done that, no problem.
Anyway I feel very comfortable. I was thinking of when was the last time I had any depressing feelings? Well it was not too long ago when I left mom without any funds while I went out to have a good time with NARFE. The spell left me in an hour on the road and I did enjoy my trip and I did feel great.
I was thinking how could I help anyone feeling depressed? I could never help anyone feeling depressed other than them moving in with me. I have plenty of strength mentally and it rubs off like a virus and it is catching. I could not be overwhelmed with ten folks running around my ego with depression without bitching at them.
I have a clue for those that are depressed. Read what I write one word at a time and drop the speed reading crap and understand and look-up every word I place on paper in the dictionary or Wikipedia. It is your choice.
I say good morning to everyone, some believe me, others do not.
I love those violins.

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