Friday, December 10, 2010

Telephones and Imformation are Nice

Good morning and it looks great outdoors this morning. It did not rain or snow yesterday.
I did clean out the computer room, placed throw rugs down and placed the air mattress down on them and filled it with air (I'll go check this morning on the air). It is still up and that makes me happy and I thank Sandy and her daughter Suzanne for letting me sleep on their air mattress.
Mom and I did buy our own mattress and Kitten Yarn said she would sleep on it when she visited.
Well today I clean and rearrange the closet to accommodate some books and toys and maybe mom can get some Command damage free hangers for the photos stacked on our couch in the living room. I will put the photos up this week in the computer room.
I just called the Walmart store in Princeton Kentucky and asked the nice lady there if they had Command Damaged Free Wall Hangers. I told her that I was going to call my wife at work and asked her to pick some up on her way home from work.
I put the books out in the garage until after the Holidays. The closet can only hold so much and I am afraid it will fall into the other room if I fill it too full. I have some mouse bait out in the garage, so hopefully the mice will go elsewhere to spend the winter. I have my hands-full putting everything back in place, but I must before Santa arrives.

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