Thursday, December 9, 2010

14 degrees outside this morning. Our sky is pink to the south, "Red sky in the morning sailor take warning!"
We were in Nashville yesterday for mom's 6 month checkup which turned up normal and has made another appointment for another checkup sometime from now.
We did a little Christmas Shopping too (online and in some stores) it was also nice to window shop, window shopping is a nice perk of civilization ( I take the civil out of civilization loosely).
Today I place some cheap carpet down for the holidays and check out our Christmas air mattress our for leaks (company too) . I will also remove everything from our couch and put it out on the lawn for the holidays so as to keep our home neat and tidy for Christmas Company. I will throw some colorful lights over the neatly stacked items for a more Christmas Cheer and maybe a few laughs after all this is Kentucky (as it is to be expected, our tin corrugated roof also looks great with icicles hanging from them).
Time for some red tea as yesterday we ate out at the Marion Cafe and I had 3 cups of coffee before departing for Nashville, Tennessee .


  1. It sounds like you have the Christmas Spirit or the Spirit of the Holiday Season. Go forth and be merry :))