Wednesday, December 29, 2010

As I look out our picture window I see the colorful lights of the Holiday Spirit reminding me that this a joyous time. I look south to our sliding door and I see the front light reflected and looking forward I look into our fish tank and see the Holiday Lights on our tree. I am completely surrounded by the spirit of the season.
History has provided us a season to reflect on the goodness of man, Thomas Moore, Saint Nicholas, Jesus, Moses and those that wrote and sang the carols and songs of the season.
History and tradition are nice gifts to place on paper, stone and silicon.
It is 35 degrees here in Marion Kentucky. It is dark out and yes we still have the remnants of snow in our shaded north faces.
Mom was off yesterday and she fed the children, washed clothes and slept in her chair exhausted. She loves the company and will never turn it down. Having family over is a required taste that spiritually lifts the body higher into a chaos and bliss experience. Perfectly marvelous is a good word to describe the Holy Days of the year.
I did learn that Little Sister is an artist. Whether she will pursue that is of no concern at the moment but the fact remains she can do what she wants with any tool provided and that is a gift.

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