Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It is 2 degrees out front on our doorstep this morning, that is a wee bit chilly. Our sky is going toward a blue shade and I see gray clouds way off on the southern horizon.
We went grocery shopping and I pumped some gas yesterday, both were rather chilling. Folks that work outdoors stood proud as if it is was a spring day. The wind was not nice as it cut into my skin. No wind as I speak this morning.
The roads should be clean this morning as all the snow has stopped blowing and causing any problems in Marion. The rest of the stat I am not sure of, I'll stop by FaceBook and get a taste of other environments across our country.
Mom has been up for about 15 minutes she was up with the cats and computer last night so she slept in late.

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  1. Stay warm. We have to get out everyday in this stuff this week. Hope the doctors don't call in after we get to Jimmy's appointments. Didn't have time to sign in.