Monday, December 13, 2010

The wind has eased up this morning but the temperature dropped to 7 degrees above zero. We have an appointment in Lexington Kentucky this afternoon that I think we will not make. The wind earlier this morning was causing drifting snow to make road conditions hazardous over the frozen snow on the highways (slip sliding away (been there, done that)). There is no use for an elderly couple getting stranded on a side of a hill or just being a nervous wreak at our arrival in Lexington. I have driven in highway condition like this going to and from the lock and dam (70 miles) and it tightens your neck and back as well as your brain. I was younger then than I am now.
Well we have a white snow and it is picturesque.

1 comment:

  1. It's beautiful outside but I just want to stay inside and look at it for now. It's way to cold out there right now but it is very beautiful.
    You made a wise choice in not trying to travel such a distance in this stuff. It's too cold and too hazardous for older people to chance being stuck out in it. And besides, who wants to chance banging up their car?