Sunday, December 5, 2010

White Christmas

Sometimes life is real intense. Well mom and I have always lived that way. It goes back to the, "Love Children" of 1967. They (we) had the ability to see a human being, place them squarely on the planet and bow to their ability to be. It was intense to say the least because some people are hard to live with.
Anyway the other day I was reminded by the checkout girl at Walmart of the way we are. Mom and I are intense and we always have been that way. The young checkout girl reminded us of our bickering which we always do.
I think Walmart the store (in Princeton) has gotten a taste of mom. She (our children know) does things right and she expects the world around her to do things right. Sometimes that is a little intense. I noticed the area where she worked the other day was just right (neat and tidy). Walmart makes money when things are done efficiently. I know that they make money by other peoples mistakes and keeping operating costs at a minimum. Just fair and square are for the Sunday School Lessons and Martin Luther King Jr.
It is 29 degrees here in town, no frost on the windshield this morning. We are getting closer to a good snow and some jingle bells on sleighs.

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