Tuesday, December 28, 2010

If You Are a Human Being You Have to Understand

That if you look closely you will see thing that happened yesterday that were amazing. One example this morning is seeing Younger Brother in his pajamas. Just 24 hours ago they were too long. Kitten Yarn cut the sleeves and pants and stitched them back together at the proper size for little brother to wear. The word is dexterity, our ability to knit.
Our skillful ability to knit, to move yarn around into patterns of cloth.
Dexterity our ability to move bodies of humans around as pawns, skillful weaving bodies with minds into armies of motion.
Dexterity the ability to open a tube of toothpaste and skillfully layer the paste onto a brush without thought.
Dexterity our basic ability to run around a tree and stop and think out our next move,
or move through the woods without thought or harm.
We can gracefully move our lips, hands and feet over an instrument of sound
and create emotional sound that can carry a pattern of thought with wonderful splendor.
Dexterity the ability to read four objects at a time while pounding the keyboard of a computer,
making sense or nonsense, whatever prevails?
We have conquered the past as we move into the future. We have learned that we can move and shape our future.
Good or bad?
There are a lot of variations in between those extremes.
Every morning you have to understand, to see the world around you and understand what we have accomplished, it's worth a prayer.

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