Thursday, December 2, 2010

Moses and the Pharaoh

About 30 years ago I met this young lead man on a towboat that said to me, "I do not care about the men that work for me, "Their a dime a dozen." What I care about is the job and how they do it. I can pick up a new man anytime from any street corner."
That thought was crazy but how would I know that corporate America would think that way 100% in 2009. There is not a corporation in America that thinks of it's employees first before their bottom line.
I know that health care and auto insurance companies think of the dollar first before handing out money.
I know that Walmart stores think of the dollar first before their employees.
I heard something a few years back that a corporation would rather spend a million dollars defending their way of life that spending that million to help its employees.
How can America afford to eat without the dollar hamburger? They can't.
I know that I can live in poverty but my wife cannot or will not.
She has been beaten to exhaustion in her life and still pushes the pain aside.
When will society understand or is it her time to be left behind?
Like her boss said, "I am only the store manager."
Corporate Americas answer, "Were is business to make money and pyramids!"

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