Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Rain Cover

Good Morning,
It is about 73 degrees outside this morning; I charged the battery on my LX 176 to see if would hold a charge and it did not. That means that I need a new battery. Everything else on the mower is good. The reason I replaced it was that it quit running when I left it out in the rain and the hood collapsed.

At that time my back was hurting and the bumps in the yard were too much for me. I am much better now and I got to work on the mower and got it running; I knew that the Kawasaki engine was an excellent engine and was not about to fail; I knew it was water in the tank and I solved that problem plus I removed the hood and I am keeping that machine indoors or covered. I do have a rain cover for it.

I use only non ethanol gas in it as the ethanol gas turns to water and causes serious problems. I think Shell gas pumps will tell you if ethanol gas is in their pumps.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Out of Kilter

Good Morning,
I went to bed early (5:00 PM) because I had been up since 1:00 AM; now I am up and it is 1:00 AM again. I watched an episode of  "Limitless" just now and checked most of my emails. I have a yahoo email that catches all the trash. Wen something other than a friend asks for an email I give them and that collects all the spam.
Yesterday I cleaned the garage some and threw stuff away; restarted the LX 176 lawn mower; it needs a battery. It runs fine and I need to sharpen the blades.
I mowed the grasses with my new mower.
After all that I took a shower then checked the pool and it was too high on the Chlorine so I will check it in the morning. I had shocked it yesterday morning and when you do that it is high as it burns out the impurities and settles in about 3 parts per million after about a day. Then it does fine.
I am doing fine mentally and physically.
8:00 AM
I checked the blades on the mower and they are sharp and new. I mowed a portion on the yard and it mows well. It mows best at a 3" depth and for tall grass 5". The battery looks new so I put bottled water in the cells and maybe it will hold a charge.
3:00 PM
We just got out of the pool.

Monday, August 29, 2016

History and Law

Good Morning, 
I am not certain as to what I am to write about but I normally just write and the answers just come out. Mom told me some time ago not to write about her so I just avoid talking about her. 
That always leaves a void in my thoughts as she has lived here with me for 47 years now.
Any way the purpose of the blog is to let folks know that normal in this part of the planet has little violence because most folks obey law handed down from generation to generation and that law evolves with the technologies available. 
It is funny that some folks that believe that we are wrong about technology being good; use technology (The Internet, smartphones and bombs (All used to together to explode.)) to kill.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Rain and 75 Years

It started raining at 3:30 PM and it just quit a 3:45 PM; it was just a cloud over our heads but it poured for those 15 minutes.
I have spent 75 years on this planet; I have left some good things behind; some are children and some are thoughts.
I have good memories to display.

LX 176 and Insurance

Good Morning,
I am up early this morning. yesterday I finished fixing my LX 176 Lawn Tractor shoot. Then I came in and watched movies or old TV shows on Netflix.  I watch one on mom desk top with her big screen while sitting on the couch in the Computer Room; mom was taking a nap.
The TV series I am watching is called  "Limitless".
I feel good physically and mentally. We are in the process of getting life insurance for mom (it is for me to use in case mom has a problem). 

Taking advantage of today’s technology to see the planet and listen to the voices/songs of humanity.

When did you miss the place where we as humans are good at learning good things what school did you grow up in that you have to teach youngsters to blow the crap out of society or that you as humans learned to love the butchering of human beings?

I grew up in the United States and I see that everyone wants to send their children here to learn what is good about society.

Tomas Muse


Saturday, August 27, 2016

lawn Tractor Shoot

Good Morning,
Well it rained here in town last night; today I am going to rivet a new piece of plastic on my lawn tractor shoot on my old LX 176 Lawn Tractor. You can see the condition of the shoot in the photo below.
Well I got the job done but I am not sure that it will hold up; the piece is strong but not as strong as the flexible old shoot. It looks good; if I would of glued an old piece of my old "T" Shirt then maybe it would last. In the bottom photo I am wearing the "T" shirt on the dam at lock 50..

Friday, August 26, 2016

How Tall are You and How Old Are You?

Good Morning,
We have been outside this morning and one of our deck chairs is full of holes and we need another Samsonite cover. I also took photos of our height panels, so I am placing them here as an place to save them plus the terabyte drive and mom's computer.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Repair LX 176

Good Morning,
Today I will change the gas, change the gas filter, clean the spark plug, fill the tires with air and try and start my old mower.
I may fix the hood if I can. I looked on YouTube and they should me how to fix the hood. Here is the video.  I can get both items at Walmart or Home Depot.
12 Noon
I cleaned the spark plug, changed the gas filter, charged the battery, filled the tires with air and took off the broken section of the hood.. Tomorrow I will change the oil and replace the spark plug.
The LX 176 runs well. It does need new blades for the mower deck.
I found a new spark plug in one of the kits I had out in the shed and there was a new spark plug for my LX 176 with a 36" cut.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Coffee, Orange Juice, Pepper and Code Liver Oil

Good Morning,

Well I had a hang over until I got my fix of coffee. Yes I am addicted to coffee. I have been drinking it since I was about 4 years old; that is 71 years of coffee for this body of mine. I also drank orange juice, pepper and code liver oil mixed in a glass; it had to be stirred as nothing in the glass stayed put, the oil would either go down or up and the pepper would color the top black. You had to have courage to drink it.

Another Moment in Time

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Good Morning

I am fine mentally and spiritually; I know some answers to my physical problems.

Why would I have an acid reflux problem?

Good Morning, 
I am up early; I talked to the doctor and the conclusion that I came away with was that the dust in the air while mowing and picking up grass clippings and the fumes from the paint stripper and other solvents irritated my lungs and esophagus and caused a problem.

Gas Mask.

Do you remember me saying that the smog in Pasadena was so thick I could not see the mountains that were 15 miles away when I was a child; or me saying that the Navy told me that I had bronchitis and treated me for it; or that I sanded floors and treated floors withe solvents and floor finishes with fumes; that I worked on the river lock that locked boats with barges laden with all assorted chemicals and dust from coal, rocks, dry cement; that I mowed grasses at the dam in dusty conditions; that I painted the homes at the dam and used solvents.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Acid Reflux

Good Morning,
I had to get up last night and sleep in my chair. Acid Reflux made get up. Mom had a doctors appointment and while she was there I saw the doctor too; I had some congestion but it is clearing up and he agreed with me about the fumes causing lung problems I may have to get a gas mask.  Both symptoms may be from the same work.

Ace's and Eights

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Swimming in the Pacific Ocean

The areas that we swam in were Long Beach (where the amusement park, "The Pike" was). Seal beach where the otters and seals were. Tin Can Beach where the Tin Cans and firewood were ( we spent our overnights there). Huntington Beach where we rented heavy duty floats to surf with. We spent most of our time on the south side of the pier.
Southern California Coast

Huntington Beach to Alhambra

Long Beach to Alhambra

I was about 40 miles to the beach.

Long Beach

30 miles

It was dependent on where we were living.

Coughing Ocanionally

Good Morning,
My lungs feel like there is some stuff in them, this is how I felt when I had bronchitis. I need to stay indoors for a few days so the crap in my lungs leaves or I need an over the counter lung decongestant.
It may also be the fumes of the paint remover or the denatured alcohol I was using for the sewing machine drawers.
Mentally and physically I feel fine. I have been watching the Olympics on Television and reading Amazon Prime ebooks on my LG Tablet. Mom has Amazon Prime and I get free books from that service.
6:30 AM
Mom and I went out on the deck and viewed the hummingbirds and our new day.
7:15 AM
Mom said I needed to put new feed in the bird feeder. I took the feeders down, cleaned them and put new seeds in the bird feeders. I sat and rested when I got done.
7:45 AM I checked the pool and all levels were correct but it was a little chilly to swim in 78 degrees. I did watch the Olympics and the sea water temperature for the triatholon as 70 degrees. I remember going swimming in the ocean in California when the temperature of the water was 72 degrees (at the moment it is WATER TEMP: 63-65° F) where I use to swim. This next link was Tin Can Beach when I lived in the area, it is now Bolsa Chico State Beach. and Bolsa Chico State Park

Saturday, August 20, 2016


I went out at 8:30 AM to do the weed eating and I got the stuff moved to the shed and before I got out of the shed I heard a roar of rain pounding the metal roof.

9:30 AM
I just came in after that downpour;  well I am done outside.

Well Known - When a person opens their mouth they have something to say.

Good Morning,
75 degrees outside this morning, maybe 71 inside our home; I have been up for a while. I plan to clean up a drawer on mom's sewing machine and maybe varnish it (2 of 6). Then outside and weed eat an area under the solar panel and maybe around the shed. I listen as I write, "Whiter Shade of Pale " - Procol Harum Yesterday I did pull weeds and picked up grass clippings and removed the finish from drawer 2. I put the first drawer back in place.
I stopped quoting other folks I realized that I had a mind. but I do like, "Carrying water and chopping wood are the activities of the Buddha," 
"The everyday mind is Buddha," are two of the most well known Zen sayings.
Sometimes my thoughts are new to me but most of the time I wrote or thought about it at some time; something that is always there is the prayer and the new moment in time; that new moment will always be there whether we think about it or not; so as we write or live we are universally always in the presents of god and her new moment in time.
I had a thought that was lost a moment ago and it just came back to me, I wrote about it:

My studies were always around religious philosophy, that was the direction that I was heading. My assumption was that I thought everyone was studying the same way. I was wrong. I took no school course in philosophy, that was my personal love. The Garden of Eden comes from my grandmother, her magazines with the lion and the lamb, people walking around naked in peace. Peace though non violence comes from Gandhi, be simple and good. Art as work, work as art, come from Michelangelo and his dedication to work for perfection though doing. Looking into all thought and images as a means to improve ones life comes from Leonardo Da Vinci and Thomas Jefferson. Sharing ones wealth for the good of the commune comes from Tolstoy. Being the image of god comes from Jesus. Rules and laws come from Moses and his Jewish nation. Seeing the one light comes from Buddha. Respect for the elders in the family comes from Confucius. Love the one your with comes from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. 
Being seen as a human and comforted comes from Sylvia and Joanie. 
Open land comes from Lou and Ramon. 

At another time:

I have worn skins like a chameleon. Religion was a task that I went after early in my teens. I learned about Christianity, I learned about Gandhi (even though I never knew what he was thinking). I learned about Buddha. I learned about Jesus, I learned about Confucianism. I read about St. Augustine. I learned about Martian Luther. I read about the great painters. I read about Michelangelo Buonarroti. I learned about Leo Tolstoy. All these people were in pain, the kind of pain that searches for the truth. That is where my head was at when I left Morningstar. ( I now know that politics will wash their hands of people like Jesus, they will turn their backs and say whatever politician say, they'll come back to town after the death............with sweet logic and political skill). Laurel was trying to understand me. I knew that I had to learn about what she thought. I had to conform and give my being to her. We studied the bible together. What we learned was that the people around us were worshiping good books and idols. We stopped studying, too many conflicts. I realized that we had to understand life together. I knew that I could not bring children into this world. Little did I know the powers of a women's will. What I did learn was that history taught man to live. Passing down wisdom in all forms of thought/writings.

How can so many good people be wrong; I learned that each of us comprehends the planet and god differently but the same.

I have learned that listening and understanding is almost impossible with an ego like mine. When  I was younger it was easy because I  had nothing to say.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Putty Knife and Lawn Mower.

7:15 AM About 20 minutes ago I put paint remover on the second sewing sewing machine drawer. I just now removed most of the old paint, it just came off using a putty knife.
I will wait a bit and add a second coat of paint remover. I am going out to pick up grass clippings.
9:00 AM
Dug up weeds and put grass clipping in those spaces; I have to wait a bit for the grasses to dry to pick up more clippings. I picked up the major bulk but now I need to clean up the yard of clippings that will make the yard nicer looking. I finished the west side space of weeds.

It Rained

Good Morning
It rained yesterday there was only one small spot of rain in Western Kentucky and it was over our house (two hour rain) and I still mowed after it finished. I will pick up grass clipping today and weed the area in our western side of home. Our truck will go into the shop on the first of next month. We think the cost will be under 2000 and the estimate was 1700 something. Other damage will be evaluated as it is found.
 The two lights and chrome grill with logo will be replaced.
 The complete bumper (Crome/and white area will be replaced.
The fender is buckled (hard to see ).

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Maybe I Will Mow.

Good Morning,

It is early morning and yes it is dark outside. It is 71 degrees outside and I assume about the same inside. I looked at the RADAR map and it looks like I will be able to mow this morning.
I found a box (National Geographic) with photos and a program to run o windows 95. I may be able to run the disks as html.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sunshine and Now Rain

Good Morning,

For the last week the rain has been like a mist that hangs over our home, sometime cool and sometimes hot and humid; the grasses have plumped up 4 to 5 inches above the level of normal.
I feel good this morning physically, mentally, optimistically and mystically. 
I think I will mow today; I realize that the grasses are wet but they can be mowed. I had a weeding job planned but that can wait a day or two.
 I have been watching the Olympics on Television this week. I would have loved to watch them at my leisure but they (the TV folks) decided I should watch highlights in the prime-time slot. Sometimes I have already looked up the results.
It is raining more today than yesterday.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Delicate Being

We are so vulnerable. Our hearts are very strong. 
But when it comes to violence our body cannot protect itself without help. 
I was told that a plane had hit one of the World Trade Center Buildings in New York. 
I walked over and looked at the TV, as I watched the fire and 
smoke in one building, another plane flew right into the other building. 
I knew then that something was not right. 
I knew that something evil was taking place right before my eyes. 
I realized that human bodies were being consumed by fire and wreckage. 
The intense heat was vaporizing human lives in those buildings. 
I knew that the smoke was going to smother the lives of human beings trapped in the upper stories of these two buildings. 
As I watched in amazement white/gray smoke fell slowly to the ground. 
I thought to myself, " The other building is disappearing and falling to the ground." 
The concrete from the building was falling on human beings and disintegrating them right before my eyes. 
This catastrophe was pulverizing human life. 
More that two thousand human lives were being blown to bits by the heavy weight and pressure of the falling building. 
The vaporized bits of concrete and human beings formed a cloud that billowed over the earth. 
This dust of human form and concrete settled on the earth. 
Only pieces of life were blown away to fall to the ground and settle into their own dust. 
I watched again as the second building fell in the same manner with the same results. 
It is difficult to understand why another human being would take pride in seeing this happen. 
It is difficult to understand why any one would think that this was good and that god would approve of this violence. 
The dust of these human beings will settle over the earth. 
The dust that is choking me was once alive, a life with a family. 
Where is the value in the lighthearted flower? 
Could I paint a wonderful picture of a mare standing with her foal behind a black fence swishing 
her tail in the colors of the fall foliage? 
Would there be any harm in painting a picture like that. 
Could I write a poem about dreams in an obscure language making it flow with delight? 
Would there be any harm in that? 
I have wonderful choices. So why can't the world have those choices? 
Where did the world depart in the wonderful dreams of youth? 
Are we going to stand up and say what is on our minds? 
I think the world knows that we are divided and together as one. 
We will all behave differently. 
We will condemn violence but we will try to stop a recurring ball from bouncing out of control. 
Will our words make sense? Nope! 
Our emotions will tell the story. 
In the minds of the young, terrorism has sealed it's own coffin. 
The world now knows that death of two thousand people will not solve any of their problems. 
Like an old factory, the framework of their minds will have to be retooled. 
They'll have to update their thoughts and realize that violence does not solve anything. 
They are condemned in the minds of the world. 
The prison is in their minds; the falling building will fall repeatedly in their dreams. 
The screams of the children of god will slide down their walls. 

Singer Sewing Machine

Good Morning,

I was up early this morning and I had some cinnamon toast and a mug of coffee.
Sometimes the words do not come out to say something meaningful. I never consider myself as being a writer but I write. It is easier than painting, sewing, weeding, mowing, building a home, welding, hammering steel or chasing bad humans.
And then firemen and police rushed toward a falling building because that was their job to remove as many people as they could.
10:00 AM
I put a coat of polyurethane on mom's singer sewing machine drawer.

6:00 PM
Because of the moisture in the air it may take some time to dry. It was still tacky this morning.  

Monday Morning

Good Morning,
While I was doing chores a few minutes ago; the top of my right thigh started tingling; that is my sign to rest my back. I can walk around a mall for about 20 minutes when my thigh/leg starts tingling; I know then it is time to find the old folks seats and gossip with whoever is there. That is why I started writing. I knew that I could not write, spell or give a speech ( I am a mumbler) but heh I have that freedom and I did like canery row, the tale of 2 cities and the raven.


They could be Enlightened

I remember Kyle asking me if I wanted to go to a Buddhist monastery somewhere near Carmel in California. I agreed and we started hitching and walking to Carmel. We asked directions there in Carmel to a Buddhist monastery somewhere in those hills. We did get a ride to the side road that went into the mountain where the monastery was located. We started walking up the winding road when some Buddhist monks came along in a car. They were just coming back from the city. They knew where we were going because the road only went to the monastery. They gave us a ride the rest of the way.
The monastery was set in front of a rock faced cliff. It looked as if some of the buildings were carved out of the stone, something like Mount Rushmore. Other wooden buildings were set in the foreground. I think that it had been some kind of resort at one time.

When we arrived, they let us in, and they said that we would have to beg for everything. We wandered around, looked into their chapel, and watched as some said their prayers. They gave us an empty wooden bowl and said we were to beg for something to eat. I didn't like that, but Kyle was determined. So, we begged and received brown rice and an orange. We sat on the ground, making a peaceful ceremony of eating and enjoyed what we got. We watched some men working who were not in Monk robes. They seamed eager to please and were pleasant to talk to. They were digging holes out by the garden. We asked one of the robed monk who they were and what they were doing. He said that they were the most spiritually enlightened. After begging and eating, they showed us something that was close to enlightenment for them.
 Tassajara Buddhist Meditation Center and Hot Springs
I think this where Kyle and I sat and enjoyed our feast

They walked us to one of the rock buildings and told us to come in. When we got inside, we felt the warmth of hot water. We ended up near a deep rectangular pit chiseled from the rock, a hot spring of their very own. They said we could go in. We went in, and it was hot, but it was good. We could understand how they could be enlightened. The water was fine.
They said that if we were to stay there at the monastery, that we would have to do what they said. Coming from my background, begging was not about to happen. I had begged all my life for some understanding, and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel was something new to me, even if it was sometimes purple. I was not going to dig another tunnel for them to see the light that I was already seeing.
Kyle was ready for the challenge, but I was not. I refused. I wanted to do whatever I wanted. Kyle was upset, but he came back to Morningstar anyway.
This Moment
There ought to be a law against people like me who wake up and look at the day with such
great optimism. This morning was so goddamn nice, it had rained over night and it had
cleaned the air. The sun was shinning on the new green grass, giving me a deep emotional
lift. I felt good about my self and the world surrounding me. It is easy to get self-centered,
when an overwhelming pleasure surrounds your body.
I looked on the map and found the Buddhist Monastery that Kyle and I visited. It is called
Tassajara Buddhist Meditation Center.
Tassajara Zen Mountain Center

I apparently learned a lot from these folks in one day and did not know it. Thanks Folks.
I am not into any organized form of religious practice. I have picked up pieces of
information from whatever body comes in contact with me. Be it a job, being, sight, book, TV,
news or a wonderful day.
Thanks to Lou
Thanks to
Tassajara Buddhist Meditation Center & Hot Springs

"Carrying water and chopping wood are the activities of the Buddha,"
"The everyday mind is Buddha," are two of the most well known Zen sayings.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Singer

Good Morning,
It is still dark and it is early morning. I had one mug of coffee and  I am after another in a minute or two.
I am stripping and varnishing mom's sewing machine. She loves the machine; it was her mothers machine and it is a keeper. She has the three drawer that looks like this. It is a converted treadle machine that is now electric.
Mom and I sat out on the deck while the cats ate.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Work to Do

Good Morning,
I am listening to Santana and getting ready to  go outside and put stuff away. I cleared a space under my solar heater and weed eat-ed yesterday. Today I put some stuff back under there if I can. Some stuff will go out in the shed or the garage.
In the meantime I am stripping mom's sewing machine; slow motion and care. Be careful, I am.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Above Average Lifestyle

Good Morning,
I am up early. The temperature here in town is 74 degrees and inside our home it is about 72 degrees. this is a constant of what life is like under the influence of the United States of America and the United States Constitution under the protection of such government. I realize that folks elsewhere on the planet do not have this type of protection from disease, clean air, no military at our door step, no dictator ship, good health care, clean water to our home, electricity to our home, natural gas to our home, proper sewage removal, garbage pickup, mosquito removal, a health department, a road in front of our home connected to city, county, state and national roads. telephone and internet service.
I pay taxes and utility bills for all theses services. I am retired and receiving a good pension.
I have the freedom to complain to anyone and the freedom to smile at anyone, to worship as I please and the freedom to move just about anywhere.
I am limited at most federal facilities as they are under fire.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


ADHD not hardly.
I grew up in the 1950’s. The United States had just blown up 2 cities in Japan and the United States and USSR were at odds over who was going to blow who up next. Threats were a constant and I was confused. Who was going to strike first?
I did not care about school; why learn anything when they’re going to blow us up.

I did not have the luxury of having a mother to comfort me in my confusion just folks that wanted to discipline me and make me behave.

Track and Field and Sore

Good Morning,
I feel good this morning, mom and I are both up at this time; our local weather station says it is 74 degrees at this time.
I mowed the grasses yesterday and picked up grass clippings too. Mom went to the women's club meeting while I picked up clippings. This morning I will adjust my grass catcher as it slips to a higher setting I have to secure it tight so it does not come lose.
I did watch some of the Gymnastics and bicycle racing. My favorite is the Track and Field events.

10:15 AM
I just came in from moving stuff from under my solar heater and realized that my back is sore; I need to rest o bit before I weed eat under part of the solar heater. Take it easy and slow I am not in my 20's or 40's.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Maybe a stretched patellar tendon

Good Morning,

It is about 70 degrees outside our home and maybe 71 inside our home. I went to the doctor to see if I had a problem with my knee or the back of my knee and everything looked good, just a strain in the ligaments, patellar tendon or muscles. He twisted and turned my leg and knee without any problems.

Monday, August 8, 2016


Good Morning,

Paper routein San Marino, CA (living on 3rd St. Alhambra) 1953
Sonar man in Navy 1960
Car Wash in San Jose, CA 1962
Janitor at Lockheed in Sunnyvale, CA 1962
Unemployed in New Orleans, LA 1963
Bus Boy in Lexington Hotel 1963
Plumbers Helper, Cynthiana, KY 1963
I was on the job (plumbing) in Cynthiana when
 Kennedy got shot in Dallas (November 22, 1963)
Floor Sanding for Herron Floor Service, Cynthiana, KY. 1963-64
Punch press operator and welder at FTF in Alhambra, CA 1965
Night Watchman  Smith Tower 1966
Communes 1966 -67
Odd Day Jobs in Chicago
Floor Sanding at Crutcher Floor Service, Lexington, KY 1968

My next job after Crutcher Floor service was working for the Army Corps of Engineers at Lock and Dam #50 in Marion, KY.

I think I left out a stint as a busboy at the Phoenix Hotel, 
Lexington KY. for a couple of days.
 Small Confines of a SONAR Shack
  Small Confines of a SONAR Shack
 I was a Busboy at this Hotel in Lexington
 before being a plumbers helper.
 Small Confines of a SONAR Shack