Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Rain Cover

Good Morning,
It is about 73 degrees outside this morning; I charged the battery on my LX 176 to see if would hold a charge and it did not. That means that I need a new battery. Everything else on the mower is good. The reason I replaced it was that it quit running when I left it out in the rain and the hood collapsed.

At that time my back was hurting and the bumps in the yard were too much for me. I am much better now and I got to work on the mower and got it running; I knew that the Kawasaki engine was an excellent engine and was not about to fail; I knew it was water in the tank and I solved that problem plus I removed the hood and I am keeping that machine indoors or covered. I do have a rain cover for it.

I use only non ethanol gas in it as the ethanol gas turns to water and causes serious problems. I think Shell gas pumps will tell you if ethanol gas is in their pumps.

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