Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Out of Kilter

Good Morning,
I went to bed early (5:00 PM) because I had been up since 1:00 AM; now I am up and it is 1:00 AM again. I watched an episode of  "Limitless" just now and checked most of my emails. I have a yahoo email that catches all the trash. Wen something other than a friend asks for an email I give them tomlaureld@yahoo.com and that collects all the spam.
Yesterday I cleaned the garage some and threw stuff away; restarted the LX 176 lawn mower; it needs a battery. It runs fine and I need to sharpen the blades.
I mowed the grasses with my new mower.
After all that I took a shower then checked the pool and it was too high on the Chlorine so I will check it in the morning. I had shocked it yesterday morning and when you do that it is high as it burns out the impurities and settles in about 3 parts per million after about a day. Then it does fine.
I am doing fine mentally and physically.
8:00 AM
I checked the blades on the mower and they are sharp and new. I mowed a portion on the yard and it mows well. It mows best at a 3" depth and for tall grass 5". The battery looks new so I put bottled water in the cells and maybe it will hold a charge.
3:00 PM
We just got out of the pool.

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