Thursday, August 11, 2016

Above Average Lifestyle

Good Morning,
I am up early. The temperature here in town is 74 degrees and inside our home it is about 72 degrees. this is a constant of what life is like under the influence of the United States of America and the United States Constitution under the protection of such government. I realize that folks elsewhere on the planet do not have this type of protection from disease, clean air, no military at our door step, no dictator ship, good health care, clean water to our home, electricity to our home, natural gas to our home, proper sewage removal, garbage pickup, mosquito removal, a health department, a road in front of our home connected to city, county, state and national roads. telephone and internet service.
I pay taxes and utility bills for all theses services. I am retired and receiving a good pension.
I have the freedom to complain to anyone and the freedom to smile at anyone, to worship as I please and the freedom to move just about anywhere.
I am limited at most federal facilities as they are under fire.

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