Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Why would I have an acid reflux problem?

Good Morning, 
I am up early; I talked to the doctor and the conclusion that I came away with was that the dust in the air while mowing and picking up grass clippings and the fumes from the paint stripper and other solvents irritated my lungs and esophagus and caused a problem.

Gas Mask.

Do you remember me saying that the smog in Pasadena was so thick I could not see the mountains that were 15 miles away when I was a child; or me saying that the Navy told me that I had bronchitis and treated me for it; or that I sanded floors and treated floors withe solvents and floor finishes with fumes; that I worked on the river lock that locked boats with barges laden with all assorted chemicals and dust from coal, rocks, dry cement; that I mowed grasses at the dam in dusty conditions; that I painted the homes at the dam and used solvents.

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