Saturday, August 20, 2016

Well Known - When a person opens their mouth they have something to say.

Good Morning,
75 degrees outside this morning, maybe 71 inside our home; I have been up for a while. I plan to clean up a drawer on mom's sewing machine and maybe varnish it (2 of 6). Then outside and weed eat an area under the solar panel and maybe around the shed. I listen as I write, "Whiter Shade of Pale " - Procol Harum Yesterday I did pull weeds and picked up grass clippings and removed the finish from drawer 2. I put the first drawer back in place.
I stopped quoting other folks I realized that I had a mind. but I do like, "Carrying water and chopping wood are the activities of the Buddha," 
"The everyday mind is Buddha," are two of the most well known Zen sayings.
Sometimes my thoughts are new to me but most of the time I wrote or thought about it at some time; something that is always there is the prayer and the new moment in time; that new moment will always be there whether we think about it or not; so as we write or live we are universally always in the presents of god and her new moment in time.
I had a thought that was lost a moment ago and it just came back to me, I wrote about it:

My studies were always around religious philosophy, that was the direction that I was heading. My assumption was that I thought everyone was studying the same way. I was wrong. I took no school course in philosophy, that was my personal love. The Garden of Eden comes from my grandmother, her magazines with the lion and the lamb, people walking around naked in peace. Peace though non violence comes from Gandhi, be simple and good. Art as work, work as art, come from Michelangelo and his dedication to work for perfection though doing. Looking into all thought and images as a means to improve ones life comes from Leonardo Da Vinci and Thomas Jefferson. Sharing ones wealth for the good of the commune comes from Tolstoy. Being the image of god comes from Jesus. Rules and laws come from Moses and his Jewish nation. Seeing the one light comes from Buddha. Respect for the elders in the family comes from Confucius. Love the one your with comes from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. 
Being seen as a human and comforted comes from Sylvia and Joanie. 
Open land comes from Lou and Ramon. 

At another time:

I have worn skins like a chameleon. Religion was a task that I went after early in my teens. I learned about Christianity, I learned about Gandhi (even though I never knew what he was thinking). I learned about Buddha. I learned about Jesus, I learned about Confucianism. I read about St. Augustine. I learned about Martian Luther. I read about the great painters. I read about Michelangelo Buonarroti. I learned about Leo Tolstoy. All these people were in pain, the kind of pain that searches for the truth. That is where my head was at when I left Morningstar. ( I now know that politics will wash their hands of people like Jesus, they will turn their backs and say whatever politician say, they'll come back to town after the death............with sweet logic and political skill). Laurel was trying to understand me. I knew that I had to learn about what she thought. I had to conform and give my being to her. We studied the bible together. What we learned was that the people around us were worshiping good books and idols. We stopped studying, too many conflicts. I realized that we had to understand life together. I knew that I could not bring children into this world. Little did I know the powers of a women's will. What I did learn was that history taught man to live. Passing down wisdom in all forms of thought/writings.

How can so many good people be wrong; I learned that each of us comprehends the planet and god differently but the same.

I have learned that listening and understanding is almost impossible with an ego like mine. When  I was younger it was easy because I  had nothing to say.

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