Thursday, August 25, 2016

Repair LX 176

Good Morning,
Today I will change the gas, change the gas filter, clean the spark plug, fill the tires with air and try and start my old mower.
I may fix the hood if I can. I looked on YouTube and they should me how to fix the hood. Here is the video.  I can get both items at Walmart or Home Depot.
12 Noon
I cleaned the spark plug, changed the gas filter, charged the battery, filled the tires with air and took off the broken section of the hood.. Tomorrow I will change the oil and replace the spark plug.
The LX 176 runs well. It does need new blades for the mower deck.
I found a new spark plug in one of the kits I had out in the shed and there was a new spark plug for my LX 176 with a 36" cut.

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