Sunday, August 21, 2016

Coughing Ocanionally

Good Morning,
My lungs feel like there is some stuff in them, this is how I felt when I had bronchitis. I need to stay indoors for a few days so the crap in my lungs leaves or I need an over the counter lung decongestant.
It may also be the fumes of the paint remover or the denatured alcohol I was using for the sewing machine drawers.
Mentally and physically I feel fine. I have been watching the Olympics on Television and reading Amazon Prime ebooks on my LG Tablet. Mom has Amazon Prime and I get free books from that service.
6:30 AM
Mom and I went out on the deck and viewed the hummingbirds and our new day.
7:15 AM
Mom said I needed to put new feed in the bird feeder. I took the feeders down, cleaned them and put new seeds in the bird feeders. I sat and rested when I got done.
7:45 AM I checked the pool and all levels were correct but it was a little chilly to swim in 78 degrees. I did watch the Olympics and the sea water temperature for the triatholon as 70 degrees. I remember going swimming in the ocean in California when the temperature of the water was 72 degrees (at the moment it is WATER TEMP: 63-65° F) where I use to swim. This next link was Tin Can Beach when I lived in the area, it is now Bolsa Chico State Beach. and Bolsa Chico State Park

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