Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Track and Field and Sore

Good Morning,
I feel good this morning, mom and I are both up at this time; our local weather station says it is 74 degrees at this time.
I mowed the grasses yesterday and picked up grass clippings too. Mom went to the women's club meeting while I picked up clippings. This morning I will adjust my grass catcher as it slips to a higher setting I have to secure it tight so it does not come lose.
I did watch some of the Gymnastics and bicycle racing. My favorite is the Track and Field events.

10:15 AM
I just came in from moving stuff from under my solar heater and realized that my back is sore; I need to rest o bit before I weed eat under part of the solar heater. Take it easy and slow I am not in my 20's or 40's.

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