Monday, August 8, 2016


Good Morning,

Paper routein San Marino, CA (living on 3rd St. Alhambra) 1953
Sonar man in Navy 1960
Car Wash in San Jose, CA 1962
Janitor at Lockheed in Sunnyvale, CA 1962
Unemployed in New Orleans, LA 1963
Bus Boy in Lexington Hotel 1963
Plumbers Helper, Cynthiana, KY 1963
I was on the job (plumbing) in Cynthiana when
 Kennedy got shot in Dallas (November 22, 1963)
Floor Sanding for Herron Floor Service, Cynthiana, KY. 1963-64
Punch press operator and welder at FTF in Alhambra, CA 1965
Night Watchman  Smith Tower 1966
Communes 1966 -67
Odd Day Jobs in Chicago
Floor Sanding at Crutcher Floor Service, Lexington, KY 1968

My next job after Crutcher Floor service was working for the Army Corps of Engineers at Lock and Dam #50 in Marion, KY.

I think I left out a stint as a busboy at the Phoenix Hotel, 
Lexington KY. for a couple of days.
 Small Confines of a SONAR Shack
  Small Confines of a SONAR Shack
 I was a Busboy at this Hotel in Lexington
 before being a plumbers helper.
 Small Confines of a SONAR Shack