Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Monday Morning

Good Morning,
While I was doing chores a few minutes ago; the top of my right thigh started tingling; that is my sign to rest my back. I can walk around a mall for about 20 minutes when my thigh/leg starts tingling; I know then it is time to find the old folks seats and gossip with whoever is there. That is why I started writing. I knew that I could not write, spell or give a speech ( I am a mumbler) but heh I have that freedom and I did like canery row, the tale of 2 cities and the raven.


They could be Enlightened

I remember Kyle asking me if I wanted to go to a Buddhist monastery somewhere near Carmel in California. I agreed and we started hitching and walking to Carmel. We asked directions there in Carmel to a Buddhist monastery somewhere in those hills. We did get a ride to the side road that went into the mountain where the monastery was located. We started walking up the winding road when some Buddhist monks came along in a car. They were just coming back from the city. They knew where we were going because the road only went to the monastery. They gave us a ride the rest of the way.
The monastery was set in front of a rock faced cliff. It looked as if some of the buildings were carved out of the stone, something like Mount Rushmore. Other wooden buildings were set in the foreground. I think that it had been some kind of resort at one time.

When we arrived, they let us in, and they said that we would have to beg for everything. We wandered around, looked into their chapel, and watched as some said their prayers. They gave us an empty wooden bowl and said we were to beg for something to eat. I didn't like that, but Kyle was determined. So, we begged and received brown rice and an orange. We sat on the ground, making a peaceful ceremony of eating and enjoyed what we got. We watched some men working who were not in Monk robes. They seamed eager to please and were pleasant to talk to. They were digging holes out by the garden. We asked one of the robed monk who they were and what they were doing. He said that they were the most spiritually enlightened. After begging and eating, they showed us something that was close to enlightenment for them.
 Tassajara Buddhist Meditation Center and Hot Springs
I think this where Kyle and I sat and enjoyed our feast

They walked us to one of the rock buildings and told us to come in. When we got inside, we felt the warmth of hot water. We ended up near a deep rectangular pit chiseled from the rock, a hot spring of their very own. They said we could go in. We went in, and it was hot, but it was good. We could understand how they could be enlightened. The water was fine.
They said that if we were to stay there at the monastery, that we would have to do what they said. Coming from my background, begging was not about to happen. I had begged all my life for some understanding, and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel was something new to me, even if it was sometimes purple. I was not going to dig another tunnel for them to see the light that I was already seeing.
Kyle was ready for the challenge, but I was not. I refused. I wanted to do whatever I wanted. Kyle was upset, but he came back to Morningstar anyway.
This Moment
There ought to be a law against people like me who wake up and look at the day with such
great optimism. This morning was so goddamn nice, it had rained over night and it had
cleaned the air. The sun was shinning on the new green grass, giving me a deep emotional
lift. I felt good about my self and the world surrounding me. It is easy to get self-centered,
when an overwhelming pleasure surrounds your body.
I looked on the map and found the Buddhist Monastery that Kyle and I visited. It is called
Tassajara Buddhist Meditation Center.
Tassajara Zen Mountain Center

I apparently learned a lot from these folks in one day and did not know it. Thanks Folks.
I am not into any organized form of religious practice. I have picked up pieces of
information from whatever body comes in contact with me. Be it a job, being, sight, book, TV,
news or a wonderful day.
Thanks to Lou
Thanks to
Tassajara Buddhist Meditation Center & Hot Springs

"Carrying water and chopping wood are the activities of the Buddha,"
"The everyday mind is Buddha," are two of the most well known Zen sayings.

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