Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Abandoned in Pasadena

I know one thing for certain; I will not abandon my sister. I may not get along with her but she will always have a home wherever I am. She helped me and gave me a home when I was young and wild (mild). We have been through too much to have it repeated.
My sister with the sun glasses.
We may not fill any void that is missing caused by losing a loved one but we can help by being brother and sister and provide a home for each other; plus it is economical.

Cinder Block

Good Morning,
Today I plant Lily of the valley and onion sets in a container to keep deer away from my tomatoes. In the 8 holes on top in the photo I will plant Lily of the valley; in the rest of the holes (4 sides, 8 bottom) I will plant onion sets (3 bulbs each hole). The 4 tomato plants will go the large space after April 15th. 
We mowed yesterday; mom mowed up front as I prepared our tomato bed near the deck; this bed is for Early Girl Tomatoes ( 4 plants). The Roma Tomato Plants I will plant up front on the trellis (4 plants). I will give away the rest of the plants I have to my daughter. 
 I feel good mentally and physically.
10 AM
I planted the Lily of the valley and after a rest I will plant the onion sets.
12 noon
After I rested I planted my onion sets and just got done. Mom  suggested 4 bulbs in each space, so that is what I did.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Government vs Apple

About the phone tap " Government vs Apple":
The Government is not going to tell anyone that they can tap any phone; Apple is not going to help the government. The compromise is the third party hacker.

Early Girl Tomatoes

Good Morning,
We went to town and got soil and rock for our Early Girl Tomatoes and Lillie's of the Valley rhizomes. I finished another story on my tablet; it used to be that did not read because I could hardly see plus the type was too small; now with the tablet I am reading about a book a month; I only read when I sit and eat and the restroom. Mom always read while we ate and it annoyed her for me to have a conversation while she tried to eat and read; now we both read and eat. It is not a problem because we stop and talk when we want to; good balance. 
There is a good chance that I will work on putting the soil in the area we made for the tomatoes and then mom wants to mow up front before the rain; I will mow out back latter today or early morning tomorrow before the rain expected.
(The Rhizomes above are very poisonous but they are there to keep the deer away). I have gloves to plant them.
Because we are having our sewer system worked on I will plant the Roma Tomatoes up front with the Cherry Tomatoes.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Winter is Almost Gone

Good Morning,
I am absent as far as being able to keep a mind stimulated and up to date; the purpose of the blog is to inform the world of normal behavior with all the tools of a modern society. 
I understand that the world today in our neighborhood does not want to rebuild the city water system, sewer system, roads or bridges with their money.
I hear the chant, "No more taxes!" from everyone. The State of Michigan is our first big Republican mistake as to what happens when government says we are too big and shuts down systems or cuts back the protections to the common man. In Kentucky which is 20 years behind the thought but elected a Governor which is cutting back and the first to fall will be drug court and the local road around our community. Kentucky has water and coal and some fine schools; I would think that money would be brought in to help the coal industry and use the water to generate electricity. There is a tremendous amount of methane in the coal fields that could be controlled to generate electricity.
I am fine this morning; Mom is done with PT but has a treadmill in our living room and a husband who is clearing out and cleaning the garage to use as a gym (when we bought this home it was built with storm windows and insulation in the garage (walls and ceiling)). There are no air ducts out there but a space heater would work fine out there. I did not do anything yesterday but Saturday was a busy day for us as mom washed just about everything and I brought in things to trash or put away. First thing this morning is that I check out a box of clothing I brought in; if they are good I will recycle, if they are bad then I will trash. 
The clothes that I put in the closet for the kids will be given to the kids or recycled; nothing stays here. There is money in the coats; heavy winter coats.
We did have a big storm late yesterday afternoon. I did not expect it, it surprised me.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday

Good Morning,
Easter Sunday; We are both up early, watched a little of Art this morning; I feel good mentally and physically.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Sabbath

Yesterday society gave a man a crown of thorns, paraded him through the streets of a small town like ours and mocked him. They nailed him with spikes to a wooden cross he shouldered through town. Someone took Jesus off the cross (family); cleaned him up and prepared him for burial.

I was folding clothes I had in a basket in our room and my leg started tingling so I stopped and here I am typing.
I moved some stuff inside to sort out from the garage and mom looked in the box and found her other tap shoe (she now has a pair); I swept part of the floor moved some more stuff then came in. I only do so much then quit. I am not as tough as that guy above that was just crucified yesterday and mocked by the folks in town. I have no clue where they got those thorns for his crown.
At one point in my life at Morningstar I wanted to live like Jesus and I started living that way but soon realized that I was going to die very quickly and gave it up.

Cemetery - Staying in Shape and Night Riders

Good Morning,
We received a letter from a area cemetery stating that we were approved to be buried there in the future. This topic came up when our brother in law was buried in Kentucky at a Veterans cemetery. We thought about it because we drove in the area and were told that some of our NARFE members were buried there and the topic came up at our NARFE Spring Sprint meeting. I looked into it and found an application on line. We filled out the application and sent it in. We received the answer yesterday that said that we were approved. It is good for both my wife and I (we both can be buried there). We will visit and take photos. 
I have been walking on the treadmill (slowly at first and staying away from pain down my leg). I noticed this morning that my back was stiff (muscles). Which is good, take it easy and improve my health. 
 The treadmill is in our living area but it will end up out in the garage. The garage is getting cleaned out and cleaned up (maybe yard sales and recycling). I ordered an extra trash can and I have been using it. I am exchanging boxes on the platform some going to the trash, shredder and again being recycled,
On another matter I keep my laptop from shutting down (no power saving modes) and that has kept me online without having to keep turning off my modem and restarting the laptop.
I was in the PT area reading my book (on my tablet) while Mom was doing her PT; I normally say hello to folks coming in and make normal small talk to folks as they come and go. As one man was leaving yesterday, I said, "Take Care and have a nice day." and he said, "Good bye, You will need a gun." I never heard what he said until he left and then I realized what he said. I was confused as to why that came up.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friday

Good Morning,

Yesterday we went to Nashville, TN. Mom had an appointment at the Women's Clinic. On our way back we stopped for a late lunch. I have been working on the garage (Mile High Junk); it does not take too much to fill a trash can. I made sure I got a extra can to do this.
Mom says it is Good Friday not exactly the best day to do any celebrating.
Today society gave a man a crown of thorns, paraded him through the streets of a small town like ours and mocked him. They nailed him with spikes to a wooden cross he shouldered through town.
We got done at PT at 1100 and went to the store to pick up some Cat Chow to tide us over until payday. We had a salad and chicken wings for lunch here at home; I filled the woodpecker stump with crunchy peanut butter and raisins.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

UK Jacket

Good Morning,

Mom is about finished with PT so I brought in the treadmill for her to use while I clean the garage. The treadmill is by the couch. I have been using it to keep my legs from shaking and mom is using it to stay in shape.
I found a UK Jacket out in the garage for Natasha or the others when they get bigger. Plus some shirts for Talon; come by and shop and then I will recycle whats left or yard sale whats left; the UK jacket is a plus. I washed them all.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Exorcise Machines

Good Morning,
I feel good mentally and physically; I am up early, my legs were shaking hard last night and I had taken my pills: on another matter I went to use my microphone on my laptop computer and I found out that cheap laptops like this do not have input mikes like my other laptop, it has a mike like a smartphone up by the camera lens. upon further investigation the headphone input is also a microphone input so that I can use it that way.
I am still clearing out the garage; it is slow because I have to sort, recycle, trash or repack boxes. but when I am done mom will have a walking machine, two bicycles and a Nordictrack out in the garage.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Basketball, NASCAR, Frost and Snow

Good Morning ,

It was Basketball and NASCAR yesterday plus a lot of snow that did not stick on the ground but it snowed for quite a while (maybe a couple of hours); mom video taped the snow coming down and I posted it on Facebook (March 21, 2016). Here at left is a photo of the frost this morning.
Video of Snow

Saturday, March 19, 2016

What I See

Good Morning,
I see a leader who does things for his own personal reasons to not do things for the state he represents and the people in that state. In the United States we in Kentucky have two men who represent our state in the United States Senate. One man from Kentucky controls what is done in the senate; he decided a long time ago that he would not do anything to help the President of the United States. This is not normal. I want to think that there is a reason that the head of the United States Senate does what he does and I see no reason why............but other than that the President of the United States is black.

The President wants Congress to give him money to fix bridges and roads; they limit what he gets and our country suffers.
The President wants money to help the EPA and Congress does not give the EPA and more money to help the people of the United States fix problems with water and air. What happens? Children are poisoned by lead.
The President wants money to help build new businesses in the United States and Congress says no and what happens? Young adults have to work 2 jobs with no benefits.

Friday, March 18, 2016


I had to wait on putting the track light up as my second box kit only had 2 lights in it; we reordered the lights and they came yesterday just before the septic tank man came. I checked the box and it does have all the proper equipment in the box; so I can put it up. I may try this morning after daylight. I know more of what to do and it may be easier and quicker.
I watched Kentucky play basketball last night and it was ("Whats going on!" type of night).

I did put the lights up before noon and they work fine.
Mom is getting things prepared for the switch to city sewers.
The man that cleaned our tank said that the 5 inch rain we had 2 weeks ago did a number on the septic tanks in our area.
Ours was clogged and probable not working in the field tiles.

Hard Drive Septic Tank

Good Morning,
Our Septic Tank is History as it just does not work properly anymore: We are getting on city services (city sewers) when the weather cooperates ((a lot dryer (July August)). It (the tank) will work until then but we have to be careful.
I feel good mentally and physically; I have gone back to some old DVD's and placed them on my external hard drive looking for old photos that mom wants and some photos of Smithland Locks. I lost a lot of photos when I erased one of my drives 5 years ago or more (accidentally). 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Good Morning,

I updated my "What is NARFE" web-site this morning; yesterday I unloaded the van (we had 10 bags of black mulch in the Van) and placed mulch on the west side of our home; mom wanted the space to be a straight line and I complied. In the photo below of the west-side of our home I placed mulch to the line as mom wanted me to do.I used all 10 bags of mulch to do this; we have bulbs to plant but it is very wet outdoors around our home. I am not putting the Canna Bulbs in the same place as the photo at left but a place similar and close to this space.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Coalition Website

Good Morning,
Last night I went to a Coalition Meeting; the service is doing great; my part is only the website; most of the folks on the Coalition are some board members of other institutions, school, hospital, regional, state, county services, police and law offices.
What does the Coalition do or who we are:
Drugs are a serious problem in every community. The Commonwealth of Kentucky has allocated funds to help provide services to communities for those with drug and alcohol addictions. In order for those funds to be received and disbursed, a local board must be formed to make decision for what programs the community needs. Therefore, Crittenden Co. has the local KY ASAP Board (Agency for Substance Abuse Policy), which receives money from the state's tobacco settlement each year. The KY-ASAP board is mandated to have 8 members from health, law enforcement, government and school professions and then 8 community members. The KY-ASAP board has three emphases: prevention, education and treatment. Crittenden Co. also has Champions, a state sponsored organization, aimed at youth prevention and education about substance abuse. This state organization is also state regulated and is funded through grant applications. Finally, as a local board, we saw an opportunity to raise money on our own that we could set aside for certain programs and projects which might be outside the range of the two state sponsored organizations. Therefore, the Coalition, is not only a collaboration of KY-ASAP and Champions, but is also a community organization on its own.
The American Medicine Chest Challenge, Drug Dogs, The Crittenden County Counseling Center,  Drug Tests for Drug Court, Links for Community Services, Website, Local help from Churches, Pennyroyal Hotline 1-877-473-7766,

Monday, March 14, 2016

Exorcise Room.

Good Morning,
My computer was hacked via my headphones and YouTube. I had to change my passwords. For this account I have a 2 step sign in. After I put in my password they call on my AT&T line and give me a verification number that I have to use to sign in.
I feel good this morning; mom got some bulbs to plant (Giant Elephant Ear, Canna, etc..) and some mulch to put around the house like we had planned. We were going to do it today but the rain stopped that; I will make a clean area in the garage for some boxes. We are going to put the track lights we took down in the garage overhead and make the garage a exorcise room. We just need a new track for the lights.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Web Sight - BR30 Lamp

Good Morning,
Allison on this computer (normally my laptop) I have a user ((who uses the laptop) Dennis42064) where I do 2 websites MarionKyBiz and LaurelRose. The passwords can be found by asking. The websites changed from Yahoo to Aabaco.
I feel good this morning; it is raining outside at the moment; today I will put up the second track light; Standing on a ladder and working overhead is tiring and it was a chore to see what I was doing looking up. Mom helped me a lot by telling me how close I was to the proper place to be; the lighting is not any different than what we had other than being more reliable. The bulbs in these lamps will last a long time and take less energy. The LED bulbs are the same size as spot lights or heat lamps.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Color Code Here at Home

Good Morning,

Today I try to put up my track lights in the kitchen. My hope is that my old lights are screwed into studs; if not then I have to use the supplied nuts and bolts that came with my light kits. I looked on YouTube as to how to deal with the wires (color codes). I need daylight to put the lights up on the ceiling in the kitchen.
I feel good this morning but I may return this laptop as it keeps throwing me off line and I have to deal with getting online first thing in the morning. I kind of know how to do it but it is a pain as it requires turning the modem off. I did one thing different this morning; I took the sleep mode off this computer so maybe it will always be on. The laptop will only last 3 years but then again I did not pay much for it. 
We asked if Laurel could walk more and the doctor said fine; we asked about bowling with a bowling ball and he said no; I guess I will always have a problem with my back as I unloaded the cinder blocks from the van and I was sore all day yesterday; I'll get over it or deal with it.

I feel for David and Diane out west; I think about them every morning; I think about Sandy too. We sent application to Kentucky Veterans Cemetery West in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. We will here back from them sometime soon in the future. Hopefully that will work out good for both of us (Laurel Rose and I). I will let our daughter and son know what they say.

Old Light
New Light

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Good News, Good Family, Cinder Block Lights

Good Evening,

Mom and I went to Clarksville yesterday to see her doctor and today we went to see Allison and also went to a NARFE meeting in Benton.
Good marks for Laurel by her doctor; when we were done with the doctor we went to Home Depot to get some cinder blocks and some track lights for the kitchen.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I Am Retired

Good Morning,
I am retired, that means I can wake up in the middle of the night and not worry about getting to school or work in the morning. I work on my hobbies of building web pages for the community and writing my muse which just comes out of my head, I just jot down my bright ideas that come to mind. My first muse were writings with drawings and as I became more adept at computing it evolved.
Last night I moved a lot of boxes into the computer room; one of the cats sprayed the living area behind my chair and this morning I move the chairs out in the middle of the room and vacuum the area then shampoo it; I used to buy those boxes of dust to spread on the floor but they bother mom so this year it is just vacuum, shampoo and spray enzyme which eats smell, eats dead things, eats oils and heaven knows what else it eats. I know out in the pool it kills wasps; how? They come down for a drink and the enzymes attack there outer shells (skeleton) and they die.
The days that mom does not need to shower before PT I do laundry very early about 4:30 AM; I time my laundry with the timer on my smartphone, that way I can start a second load before mom ever gets up; I time the dryer too, so I can fold the clothes before they wrinkle.
I am still working on the garage.
We got two new trash cans that hold three times what our older cans hold. I got two because we are shredding and cleaning the garage. between mom and I shredding at the same time (I found an older shredder) we can fill a 30 gallon can in two hours. Mom saved every receipt and bill since we were married.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Two Jobs

This was written on Sunday and post on Twitter and Facebook;

Most people are working 2-part time jobs; 1 for health insurance and the 2 to live on. Both without retirement benefits.

To make the planet a better place we as a nation (United States) had to give up the way we lived.

At the moment I do not see anyone benefiting from our sacrifice. Unless you count a corporation as human.

Good Will and Videos

This post was created on the 4th.
Good Morning, 

I have been up awhile now; I have been busy finding videos to download to a hard drive for NARFE such as:

I have also sorting clothe to go to the Good Will, the dump and to keep for the kids if they are so inclined.
I feel good mentally and physically. I just now cleaned my coffee maker. I am listening to Santana. I have great winter coats for the kids from what I wore at the lock and dams.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

53 Years Ago

Good Morning,
53 years ago  Tolstoy Farms was created and continues today as a working cooperative; it was hard work and the ever changing community was working; working in a sense that hard physical labor would produce organic foods and a basic life style. "Back to the Land" is now a cliche and over used saying. But you have to understand that one man's vision and a lot of back breaking work has created a living Cooperative. 
53 years of back breaking work.


Thursday, March 3, 2016

...this post.

Good Morning,
I tried to do this post earlier but the kitten was on my lap and it did not work out; this is all that showed up when I looked over the cats body;    "..     this post."
I have the hall closet back together; I found some work clothes out on the platform and I separated one bag a few minutes ago. I took 3 of each and I will wash them and place them in Eli's room for the kids to view; keep if they like then and the rest goes to goodwill.

Cliff and Dickie posed a funny at left and a normal below (uniform shirts). I am going out to get another bag.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Trash Can

Good Morning, 
The Trash Man just left; that is another service I pay for; it keeps our streets clean of debris and in today's society recycles the debris. We are moving forward in our trash pickup as we are getting 90 gallon cans that a machine picks up and empties into the truck; The business of stopping the truck, getting out of the truck, emptying the cans then getting back into the truck , drive 100 feet;then repeat the process 200 times in a day that gets old and extremely tiring.
We had steak from the farm in Eddyville, Kentucky and it was like it was when we first ate steak. We had not had a steak that good in 20 years.
We just got back from PT; mom is doing fine; next week mom goes to Clarksville to see her back doctor. I think everything will be fine. I am still working in the garage. I am resting at the moment while mom makes lunch then I will go out into the garage. I am also clearing out the hall closet and then putting it back together. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Made a Smothie and that was a mistake; upset stomache

Good Morning,
I hear a bird outside just making a lot of noise; It stormed very hard about an hour ago. Lightning and thunder were the norm: I better check the pool and outdoors;everything is fine.
I am fine now but I have to watch what I eat today.