Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Sabbath

Yesterday society gave a man a crown of thorns, paraded him through the streets of a small town like ours and mocked him. They nailed him with spikes to a wooden cross he shouldered through town. Someone took Jesus off the cross (family); cleaned him up and prepared him for burial.

I was folding clothes I had in a basket in our room and my leg started tingling so I stopped and here I am typing.
I moved some stuff inside to sort out from the garage and mom looked in the box and found her other tap shoe (she now has a pair); I swept part of the floor moved some more stuff then came in. I only do so much then quit. I am not as tough as that guy above that was just crucified yesterday and mocked by the folks in town. I have no clue where they got those thorns for his crown.
At one point in my life at Morningstar I wanted to live like Jesus and I started living that way but soon realized that I was going to die very quickly and gave it up.

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