Saturday, March 26, 2016

Cemetery - Staying in Shape and Night Riders

Good Morning,
We received a letter from a area cemetery stating that we were approved to be buried there in the future. This topic came up when our brother in law was buried in Kentucky at a Veterans cemetery. We thought about it because we drove in the area and were told that some of our NARFE members were buried there and the topic came up at our NARFE Spring Sprint meeting. I looked into it and found an application on line. We filled out the application and sent it in. We received the answer yesterday that said that we were approved. It is good for both my wife and I (we both can be buried there). We will visit and take photos. 
I have been walking on the treadmill (slowly at first and staying away from pain down my leg). I noticed this morning that my back was stiff (muscles). Which is good, take it easy and improve my health. 
 The treadmill is in our living area but it will end up out in the garage. The garage is getting cleaned out and cleaned up (maybe yard sales and recycling). I ordered an extra trash can and I have been using it. I am exchanging boxes on the platform some going to the trash, shredder and again being recycled,
On another matter I keep my laptop from shutting down (no power saving modes) and that has kept me online without having to keep turning off my modem and restarting the laptop.
I was in the PT area reading my book (on my tablet) while Mom was doing her PT; I normally say hello to folks coming in and make normal small talk to folks as they come and go. As one man was leaving yesterday, I said, "Take Care and have a nice day." and he said, "Good bye, You will need a gun." I never heard what he said until he left and then I realized what he said. I was confused as to why that came up.

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