Saturday, March 12, 2016

Web Sight - BR30 Lamp

Good Morning,
Allison on this computer (normally my laptop) I have a user ((who uses the laptop) Dennis42064) where I do 2 websites MarionKyBiz and LaurelRose. The passwords can be found by asking. The websites changed from Yahoo to Aabaco.
I feel good this morning; it is raining outside at the moment; today I will put up the second track light; Standing on a ladder and working overhead is tiring and it was a chore to see what I was doing looking up. Mom helped me a lot by telling me how close I was to the proper place to be; the lighting is not any different than what we had other than being more reliable. The bulbs in these lamps will last a long time and take less energy. The LED bulbs are the same size as spot lights or heat lamps.

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