Friday, March 11, 2016

Color Code Here at Home

Good Morning,

Today I try to put up my track lights in the kitchen. My hope is that my old lights are screwed into studs; if not then I have to use the supplied nuts and bolts that came with my light kits. I looked on YouTube as to how to deal with the wires (color codes). I need daylight to put the lights up on the ceiling in the kitchen.
I feel good this morning but I may return this laptop as it keeps throwing me off line and I have to deal with getting online first thing in the morning. I kind of know how to do it but it is a pain as it requires turning the modem off. I did one thing different this morning; I took the sleep mode off this computer so maybe it will always be on. The laptop will only last 3 years but then again I did not pay much for it. 
We asked if Laurel could walk more and the doctor said fine; we asked about bowling with a bowling ball and he said no; I guess I will always have a problem with my back as I unloaded the cinder blocks from the van and I was sore all day yesterday; I'll get over it or deal with it.

I feel for David and Diane out west; I think about them every morning; I think about Sandy too. We sent application to Kentucky Veterans Cemetery West in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. We will here back from them sometime soon in the future. Hopefully that will work out good for both of us (Laurel Rose and I). I will let our daughter and son know what they say.

Old Light
New Light

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