Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Early Girl Tomatoes

Good Morning,
We went to town and got soil and rock for our Early Girl Tomatoes and Lillie's of the Valley rhizomes. I finished another story on my tablet; it used to be that did not read because I could hardly see plus the type was too small; now with the tablet I am reading about a book a month; I only read when I sit and eat and the restroom. Mom always read while we ate and it annoyed her for me to have a conversation while she tried to eat and read; now we both read and eat. It is not a problem because we stop and talk when we want to; good balance. 
There is a good chance that I will work on putting the soil in the area we made for the tomatoes and then mom wants to mow up front before the rain; I will mow out back latter today or early morning tomorrow before the rain expected.
(The Rhizomes above are very poisonous but they are there to keep the deer away). I have gloves to plant them.
Because we are having our sewer system worked on I will plant the Roma Tomatoes up front with the Cherry Tomatoes.

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