Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Coalition Website

Good Morning,
Last night I went to a Coalition Meeting; the service is doing great; my part is only the website; most of the folks on the Coalition are some board members of other institutions, school, hospital, regional, state, county services, police and law offices.
What does the Coalition do or who we are:
Drugs are a serious problem in every community. The Commonwealth of Kentucky has allocated funds to help provide services to communities for those with drug and alcohol addictions. In order for those funds to be received and disbursed, a local board must be formed to make decision for what programs the community needs. Therefore, Crittenden Co. has the local KY ASAP Board (Agency for Substance Abuse Policy), which receives money from the state's tobacco settlement each year. The KY-ASAP board is mandated to have 8 members from health, law enforcement, government and school professions and then 8 community members. The KY-ASAP board has three emphases: prevention, education and treatment. Crittenden Co. also has Champions, a state sponsored organization, aimed at youth prevention and education about substance abuse. This state organization is also state regulated and is funded through grant applications. Finally, as a local board, we saw an opportunity to raise money on our own that we could set aside for certain programs and projects which might be outside the range of the two state sponsored organizations. Therefore, the Coalition, is not only a collaboration of KY-ASAP and Champions, but is also a community organization on its own.
The American Medicine Chest Challenge, Drug Dogs, The Crittenden County Counseling Center,  Drug Tests for Drug Court, Links for Community Services, Website, Local help from Churches, Pennyroyal Hotline 1-877-473-7766,

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