Friday, March 18, 2016


I had to wait on putting the track light up as my second box kit only had 2 lights in it; we reordered the lights and they came yesterday just before the septic tank man came. I checked the box and it does have all the proper equipment in the box; so I can put it up. I may try this morning after daylight. I know more of what to do and it may be easier and quicker.
I watched Kentucky play basketball last night and it was ("Whats going on!" type of night).

I did put the lights up before noon and they work fine.
Mom is getting things prepared for the switch to city sewers.
The man that cleaned our tank said that the 5 inch rain we had 2 weeks ago did a number on the septic tanks in our area.
Ours was clogged and probable not working in the field tiles.

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