Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cinder Block

Good Morning,
Today I plant Lily of the valley and onion sets in a container to keep deer away from my tomatoes. In the 8 holes on top in the photo I will plant Lily of the valley; in the rest of the holes (4 sides, 8 bottom) I will plant onion sets (3 bulbs each hole). The 4 tomato plants will go the large space after April 15th. 
We mowed yesterday; mom mowed up front as I prepared our tomato bed near the deck; this bed is for Early Girl Tomatoes ( 4 plants). The Roma Tomato Plants I will plant up front on the trellis (4 plants). I will give away the rest of the plants I have to my daughter. 
 I feel good mentally and physically.
10 AM
I planted the Lily of the valley and after a rest I will plant the onion sets.
12 noon
After I rested I planted my onion sets and just got done. Mom  suggested 4 bulbs in each space, so that is what I did.


  1. I wish I had as much interest in something as you do in almost everything. I need a hobby to keep my mind occupied. Your planting ideas are very good. The onions should keep the deer away from the tomatoes, is that the plan?

  2. The Lily of the valley and the onion sets should do the trick. Laurel said there were deer there by the deck this winter (they were looking at the bird feed on the deck laurel had put out during our 5 " snow.