Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I Am Retired

Good Morning,
I am retired, that means I can wake up in the middle of the night and not worry about getting to school or work in the morning. I work on my hobbies of building web pages for the community and writing my muse which just comes out of my head, I just jot down my bright ideas that come to mind. My first muse were writings with drawings and as I became more adept at computing it evolved.
Last night I moved a lot of boxes into the computer room; one of the cats sprayed the living area behind my chair and this morning I move the chairs out in the middle of the room and vacuum the area then shampoo it; I used to buy those boxes of dust to spread on the floor but they bother mom so this year it is just vacuum, shampoo and spray enzyme which eats smell, eats dead things, eats oils and heaven knows what else it eats. I know out in the pool it kills wasps; how? They come down for a drink and the enzymes attack there outer shells (skeleton) and they die.
The days that mom does not need to shower before PT I do laundry very early about 4:30 AM; I time my laundry with the timer on my smartphone, that way I can start a second load before mom ever gets up; I time the dryer too, so I can fold the clothes before they wrinkle.
I am still working on the garage.
We got two new trash cans that hold three times what our older cans hold. I got two because we are shredding and cleaning the garage. between mom and I shredding at the same time (I found an older shredder) we can fill a 30 gallon can in two hours. Mom saved every receipt and bill since we were married.

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