Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Trash Can

Good Morning, 
The Trash Man just left; that is another service I pay for; it keeps our streets clean of debris and in today's society recycles the debris. We are moving forward in our trash pickup as we are getting 90 gallon cans that a machine picks up and empties into the truck; The business of stopping the truck, getting out of the truck, emptying the cans then getting back into the truck , drive 100 feet;then repeat the process 200 times in a day that gets old and extremely tiring.
We had steak from the farm in Eddyville, Kentucky and it was like it was when we first ate steak. We had not had a steak that good in 20 years.
We just got back from PT; mom is doing fine; next week mom goes to Clarksville to see her back doctor. I think everything will be fine. I am still working in the garage. I am resting at the moment while mom makes lunch then I will go out into the garage. I am also clearing out the hall closet and then putting it back together. 

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  1. The bad thing about those bigger garbage cans is us. We have to drag them up a hill to the road for them to empty them and the bigger they are, the heavier they are to pull up the driveway.